Consciousness Comes From Feeling Not Data

I was asked to join the Spotlight programme last night to discuss Europe’s economic crisis. Spotlight: EUROPE ECONOMIC WOE (video 21minutes 23 seconds)Discussion of the inflationary and economic crisis unfolding across Europe with Esha Krishnaswamy and Clive Menzies In my contribution, I talk about people awakening to reality. By implication, I was talking about the … Read more

Complex Organisation By Universal Consciousness

Co-creative learning amplifies our understanding, sometimes when we are shown information from friends and family who may not share our world view. This article is prompted by Jason recently sharing a couple of videos. The first deals with the infinite. Not in mathematical terms although, as far as we are concerned, the possibilities are so … Read more

Why Is Mariupol So Critical?

Why Is Mariupol so critical? NATO personnel are likely trapped underground in a biolab currently under siege in the City of Mariupol. The full duplicity of global, institutional hierarchy is at risk of being exposed for all to see A SECRET NATO BIOWEAPON LABORATORY IN THE UNDERGROUND OF MARIUPOL? by Piero MessinaIn the underground of … Read more

The Work

I’ve remarked in the past how these articles tend to write themselves, i.e. they are driven by a higher power. Furthermore, their timing is similarly driven when items appear via the few social medium platforms I use or into my email. This article is prompted by a poem via a local co-creative Telegram group: To … Read more

Evolutionary Stories

We have been building towards the current transition for decades or even centuries. Our co-created analysis describes the unfolding plans for world domination by centralised power. For this to be achieved, human consciousness must be suppressed. Our connection with the higher order of being has been progressively under attack during the 20th century. Since world … Read more

Quantum Fields and the Conscious Universe

Theoretical physics takes a reductionist approach to understanding the fundamental building blocks of everything on Earth and within the Universe. Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David TongEssential scientific understanding which is validated by esoteric teaching – the conscious universe. “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will … Read more

Shared Understanding

This article describes, in outline, my learning journey over the last 9 years. While this is a synthesis of my personal learning and living experiences, my expanded awareness and understanding suggest that these are reflections of universal law in action. My learning experience is confirmed and reinforced by observations of others and a growing awareness … Read more