Drugs Cartels Since 1604

We may think that drugs cartels are a modern phenomenon but their origins go back to the granting of a charter to the East India Company by Elizabeth I in 1604 that laid the foundations for empire built on drugs and plunder (piracy). David Martin – News from 1604 (video 56 minutes 52 seconds)Drugs and … Read more

Technocratic Plunder and Killing Machine

I’ve been trying to avoid regurgitating the symptoms of today’s dysfunctional political economy that serves money rather than humans but this video is too good to pass over, as Pennie pointed out. Polly describes the evolution of technocracy in caring for the most vulnerable. The critically ill are now data points rather than individual humans. … Read more

Gulag Academia

A study of the effect of hierarchy on academic freedom and our consequent perceptions of reality has been uploaded to archive.org and is available as a PDF here.


Purpose: Exposing the deficiencies of institutional hierarchies in academia which limit the potential for human creativity and understanding.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper is the product of non-hierarchical, self-organised learning following the methodology of CoCreative Learning (see Section 9).

Findings: Academia’s institutional hierarchy perpetuates ignorance of the current political economy which functions as a mechanism to farm humans and harvest the wealth they create.

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