Echo Chambers Of Lies

Fear porn and lies are spread not just by manipulative mainstream and alternative media but also echo within the annals of sincere opposition, particularly when people share stories and information without exploring their veracity more deeply. Often, we’re want to use shorthand for “evil” by using terms such as “Nazi” or the “Chinese Communist Party” … Read more

Proxy Wars and the New World Order

The choreographed wave of faux sympathy (a.k.a. virtue signalling) for “Ukranians” that led to the vilification of anything Russian has inevitably created a reaction of demonstrated support for Russia and Russians. Why faux sympathy? Because those who unthinkingly clapped for the NHS in the UK even as it was murdering the elderly and planning mass … Read more

The Great Game

Matthew Ehret breaks down American history in the context of the current geopolitical two step involving Russia and China, contrasting the Belt and Road initiative with the relatively poor infrastructure within the US. This somewhat binary analysis is helpful to dispel some of the myths around good guys versus bad guys, e.g. Andrew Jackson who … Read more

Beyond Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking at the Free University has just published the 7th and final iteration of its accumulated research and analysis of political economy, How we live – who rules, how and why?, which explains:

we are at a crossroads and faced with a choice; the choice will differ depending on where people are on their personal journey of discovery. Many have yet to reach the limits of critical thinking in exploring political economy to realise that there lies a world of possibilities beyond;

– events are coming to a head; dramatic changes to the fabric of global society are accelerating. The “powers that shouldn’t be” are preparing for the Cull.

How we live – Who rules, how and why? at

Below is the Abstract of the final iteration:

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