Supply Chains

In 2020, we referred to WW3 between the structure and humans. WW3 began in September 2001 with the false flag attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. The war on[f] terror was Phase 1. Phase 2 is man made climate change and Phase 3 is induced mass migration.

Covid is Phase 4. Is there to be a Phase 5? If so, what might it be?

Collapsing the global economy by use of the Covid trojan was primarily to forestall/obscure the collapse of the US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen etc. and to provide the impetus to reset the monetary structure with CBDCs (central bank digital currencies).

COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction
Structural Violence in 2020
An exploration into the structural causes of COVID-19, its nature and its timing, in the context of plunder and structural violence incentivised by the current political economy. Inequality, and all that flows from it, is a product of structure – institutional hierarchy and the consequent centralisation of wealth and power. The structure is changing with the advent of decentralised digital money (tokenisation) and the internet’s network effect that provides the stimulus and means to co-create inclusive modes of economic, political and social activity. Exchange value, exploited to maximise profits and centralise power, is giving way to use value as the criterion for success. Carried to its logical conclusion, this structural shift to an environment of distributed, self-organising networks will incentivise mutual support and co-creative development that will benefit everyone.

However, in December 2021, the tide of the war turned. Growing numbers of people are questioning the narratives around covid and “vaccinations” leading to mass mobilisation of sections of people around the world. These are the ones that are visible; under the radar are many more whose resentment of abuse by self-serving “authority” is growing.

As I wrote on Monday, scale is our vulnerability but that doesn’t mean that growing numbers aren’t important and powerful. How we organise is important. Fluid, evolving, human circles of trust building resilience within alternative structures are way more powerful than rigid, monolithic movements that have to try to unify and deploy many different people with many different ideas and priorities.

Which brings us to the theme of this article. Are the loosening of “coronavirus” restrictions and the apparent backing down of “authority” genuine? For example, the authoritarian Justin Trudeau claims to have revoked the Canadian government’s imposition of martial law.

Those who are alive to how the structure evolves and morphs to absorb and neutralise challenges are speculating as to what comes next? In truth, there are many strands to how this war on humans has been conducted and the four phases are merely a way to categorise some of the major weapons.

Arguably, the current nascent war in Ukraine is a continuation of the war of terror which was used to conduct regime change across the Middle East and beyond. It failed in Syria but succeeded in Ukraine in 2014 and split the country in two, leading to what we have today.

War, the “green” agenda and the covid trojan sabotage supply chains, setting us up for a food and energy crisis.

Phase 5?

Energy and food prices are accelerating as a result of reduced supply/movement of goods and dramatically increased money supply.

Rampant inflation has been consistently “baked in” to the global political economy through the burgeoning money supply. First, in response to the global financial crisis (GFC) in 2008 in the form of bank bailouts. Subsequently, through progressive “quantitative easing” and the more recent (September 2019) action by the US Fed (central bank) to expand its balance sheet, followed by other central banks as a consequence of the pseudopandemic.

Energy and Food are essential and these are now under grave threat. Ukraine has closed its ports. Russia is cutting fuel supplies while the green agenda has made us reliant on international supply chains. Fuel and food prices are spiking.

How do we respond to these threats? We self-organise to become resilient within groups in communication with other groups locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Our strategy is consistent irrespective of the threats because the threats are a product of structure and the only way to adapt to or eliminate them is to exert direct control and influence over our lives, i.e. within families, groups and communities.