Standing With Ukraine

The orchestrated virtue signalling and memes (featuring blue and yellow) while demonising all things Russian were prepared well in advance of the “Russian invasion”. For example, in retrospect, it is clear that the Skripal pantomime in Salisbury was part of the psychological preparation of the British public.

We know how the covid PSYOP has affected large numbers and they’ve been well trained to respond to pervasive messaging. The Pavlovian “I stand with Ukraine” response is reminiscent of “clapping for the NHS” in April 2020, even as the NHS Gulag was disposing of (murdering) the elderly and infirm with Midazolam and the Covid Protocols (ventilators etc.) while denying relatives access to dying loved ones.

As Richard Grannon explained in 2019, when put into a state of fear (through the CIA’s Alice in Wonderland technique) we have only four primal response: Freeze, Fawn, Flee or Fight. The abuse by the State to which we’ve been subjected over the last two years has had many fawning like crazy, e.g. clapping for the NHS and “standing with Ukraine”.

While information and logic have little power to persuade when people are in this state of fear, there are visible signs that more are awakening from their fawning stupor; fear can’t be sustained indefinitely and chinks in the subconscious begin to allow reason to kick in. This “awakening” can be triggered by the death of a loved one or a “celebrity” keeling over post vaccination, for example. It can be triggered by many and various things.

Previous lies that were exposed, when repeated in a different context, can trigger recognition and questioning. What is happening in Ukraine currently is straight out of the Syrian playbook in which the so called “defenders of the Syrian people” a.k.a. ISIS, Daesh, Al Qaeda etc. were the ones committing atrocities and genocide, while using the civilian population as human shields.

In Ukraine, it is the Azov battalions and other racist, extremist groups that are committing the same crimes while being held out as the poster children for “I stand with Ukraine”.

What You Are Not Being Told About Ukraine (video 2 hours 32 minutes 35 seconds)
“My guests today, for a special Ukraine-focused roundtable, are investigative journalists Vanessa Beeley & Eva Bartlett, as well as former GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) officer, regional expert & regular guest on UK Column News, Alex Thomson. Today we will dissect the narrative around the current conflict in Ukraine and give insight into how many around the world are being mislead and outright deceived.” 

The consistent mainstream narrative for the last few years that has risen to fever pitch since late February 2022 is that Vladimir Putin is a madman intent on conquering the world. Justification for war always needs a Bogeyman whether it be Kaiser Wilhelm (WW1) , Adolf Hitler (WW2), Saddam Hussein (2 Iraq wars), Osama bin Laden (Afghanistan), Muammar Gaddafi (Libya) or Bashar Assad (Syria).

Russia stood back when Libya was decimated under the false UN pretext of R2P (responsibility to protect) but realised that it couldn’t let the same fate befall Syria. In the Syrian conflict, Russia and the world learned a great deal about the dirty methods of NATO using extremist proxies (terrorists) to fight its battles while waging a mendacious propaganda war.

Ukraine is right on Russia’s doorstep and is home to many Russian speakers who have been persecuted and killed in their thousands since the US led regime change operation in 2014. In the wars referred to above, it was always necessary for the real aggressors (the British and American empires) to not be seen as making the first move. Similarly, in Ukraine, it was important to portray Russia as the aggressor. Vladimir Putin explains why Russia went to war.

Why Russia went to war (video 3 minutes 1 second)
Don’t know when this is from but quite recent, I think. Came from Eva Bartlett and Gonzalo Lira via Telegram

But don’t take Vladimir Putin’s word for it. Here’s a former Swiss intelligence officer and NATO peacekeeper telling it like it is.

Is it possible to actually know what has been and is going on in Ukraine? by Jacques Baud
Just recently I came across perhaps the clearest and most reasonable account of what has been going on in Ukraine. Its importance comes due to the fact that its author, Jacques Baud, a retired colonel in the Swiss intelligence service, was variously a highly placed, major participant in NATO training operations in Ukraine. Over the years, he also had extensive dealings with his Russian counterparts. His long essay first appeared (in French) at the respected Centre Français de Recherche sur le Renseignement. A literal translation appeared at The Postil (April 1, 2022). I have gone back to the original French and edited the article down some and rendered it, I hope, in more idiomatic English. I do not think in editing it I have damaged Baud’s fascinating account. For in a real sense, what he has done is “to let the cat out of the bag.” — Boyd D. Cathay

All wars are banksters’ wars and Ukraine is no different. How this war fits into the overarching context of centralised power versus humans and the financial and economic implications are for discussion in another article. However, we must never lose sight of the fact that everything is connected.