Soundtracks for Generations

As someone who was a teenager in the 1960s, my life has had a soundtrack of blues, rock and rebellion mixed with an eclectic taste in music from many disparate sources. In many ways, 1960s music has shaped generations ever since.

As a result of the collaborative research and analysis of Critical Thinking, someone recommended Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by Dave McGowan a few years ago. It was highly relevant to our work to discover who rules, how and why? The book is not an easy read because it dispels the myths and illusions we hold dear of our teenage heroes but it is important knowledge to understand how we’ve been manipulated.

At the time of first reading (nearly 6 years ago), I was getting to grips with so much information that I didn’t really do Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon justice. I read it again recently. Rereading it, in the knowledge of what I’ve learned since, makes it much more credible and emphasises its relevance to what is happening today.

Consider the Rolling Stones’ A Ghost Town which is a fairly “neutral” but powerful observation on the state of penal “lockdown” to which we’ve all been subjected. Subsequently, Mick Jagger collaborated with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters to attack those who dissent from mainstream narratives. This author asks why would this have happened:

Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl’s coronabanger ‘Eazy Sleazy’ is lockdown in a song by Alexandra Haddow
“Open the windows and open the doors… Everything’s gonna get really freaky.” It’s like your grandad and uncle have self-released their COVID song. Bless!

Dave McGowan’s book and similar work by Mark Devlin on the British music scene and the rave culture explain why this has happened. Few with a celebrity profile dare speak truth or are minded to seek it.

One notable exception is Van Morrison who I’ve mentioned before in the context of “COVID”.

Ciaran sent me a link to Double Bind from Volume I of Van Morrison’s latest CD

If you can buy the CD, it would help… everyone
Mind control
Keep you in line
Try to think
Outside the blind leading the blind
Try and break the double binds

To resist what’s happening, we need to decentralise everything. Alternative, truly independent media and entertainment sources are foundations for a decentralised global society.

Radio Paradise, listener supported radio, plays much of the music from my personal soundtrack and introduces me to new sounds from around the world. I’ve only recently begun to support Bill and Rebecca who run the station although I’ve been a beneficiary of their work for many years. They are charming, generous people who clearly love what they do, in spite of all the obstacles to independent media within the current system.

I also support UKColumn, the Corbett Report and others because it is through decentralised circles of trust and independent voices that we will reach a shared understanding of reality. Then our reality can change to satisfy everyone’s needs and aspirations.