Simple Money Kills

Money, as we know it today, is lethal. Why?

Money is the currency of life and death in today’s world and
the money environment dictates our reality.

For example, why do doctors lie to their patients? Many doctors are promoting potentially lethal, experimental medication to their patients because they are making between £10 and £25 per shot. For a practice with say 20,000 registered patients, that is a potential income stream of between £200,000 and half a million pounds for each round of injections. The “booster” shots are the third bite at the cherry and the proposition from the pharmaceutical companies is continuous “vaccination” for the mythical variants.

Of course, the doctors themselves don’t know they are lying in the main but their reward structure dissuades them from challenging their medical training.

Everyone promoting “vaccinations”, big pharma, corporations, governments, local authorities, NGOs, media etc., is motivated by the monetary rewards and those at the top of the food chain (the rich and powerful) benefit more than everyone.

It is the same story with the mythical climate “crisis” and every other narrative promoted to plunder the global population.

Complex Money Methodology

If we want to stop being targeted for plunder and genocide, we need to think differently about money.