Shining A Light

I was invited to co-author an article, for the latest edition of The Light newspaper, that was published this week on page 3. I would also commend to you Ben Hunt’s article on page 22 among the many excellent pieces in the newspaper.

Still under the influence (The Light Issue 26 – Monthly)
‘It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it’ – George Carlin

For those not familiar with The Light, it is supported by many volunteers who donate to support its production and distribute copies each month. People from the Reclaimers group have been distributing The Light for a while now and have acquired 1,100 of the latest edition to distribute this month.

Following publication of this latest issue, I wrote as follows to Darren, the Editor and driving force behind The Light.

I read the paper last night. Well done, full of interesting and varied articles.

Your article ended take back responsibility for our lives. I would suggest we go further that we take back responsibility for ourselves and each other because it is by ensuring those around us are looked after that we are all looked after.

I was particularly struck by Ben Hunt’s article which resonates with our work. I dropped Graham Atkinson at The Red Pill Revolution web address to ask Ben to get in touch if he finds what we’re doing of interest. I’ve just noticed that Graham has responded and passed my email to Ben.

Anyway, congratulations not just for this edition but for establishing The Light as probably the best read of its type in the UK at the moment. Of course, I’m making the comparison with the garbage that appears on news stands and consequently seems a rather low fence to jump. However, I would include such Rothschild output as the Economist that I once used to think was an essential read…

When I wrote of my personal journey, I stated my ambition to be one Beacon among many, vibrating with energy waves of expanding and resonating frequency, to help us navigate the tempestuous seas of human consciousness where many are dashed upon the rocks of reality. The purpose of the work is to bring about a shift in human consciousness, such that popular perceptions align with reality.

The Light is a vibrating beacon of great power that is resonating with a fast growing audience.