See How They Run…

Well not exactly but my response to a summons for non-payment of Council Tax has “set the cat amongst the pigeons”.

For those new to this saga, I’ve been in dispute with Enfield Council since June 2020, having decided, at the outset of this phoney pandemic, that confrontation with criminal “authority” was unavoidable. The alternative, to submit to masks, social distancing, testing or any of the other nonsensical, draconian, intrusive and restrictive measures enforced by unlawful fines to change our behaviour, would be capitulation to destruction, genocide and total slavery.

The global political economy is a complex and multi-dimensional puzzle. Through co-creative research and analysis a picture of the structure of the political economy emerges which reveals how we are farmed as human domesticated cattle.

As explained in previous posts, the agenda for a new world order of a one world government is implemented through mechanisms containing structural incentives and penalties that influence attitudes and behaviour. These structural incentives and penalties operate throughout global, public, private, civil and NGO institutions. However, the point of delivery is local.

Of course, the people within local, national and global institutions and the wider community are also subjected to constant, sophisticated propaganda that bypasses most people’s consciousness to promote and support the agenda and keep everyone “on message”.

Most people are unaware that they are ruled according to a destructive global agenda. They believe in one that sounds warm, fuzzy and comforting. The reality is global plunder and population reduction (See COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction – included with the documents submitted in evidence).

Those who survive the cull that was rehearsed on the 18th of October 2019, other than those who rule, will be classed as and/or turned into sub-humans to serve the ruling classes.

Thus we need to fight this Satanic (selfish) plan at the local level.

The local battle warmed up recently with my letter to the leader of Enfield Council of 21st April 2021 which is within the documents included with my Response to Notice Issued on 27th April 2021 (See below). Essentially, I alerted Councillors and Officers to their complicity in crimes against residents and businesses and possible consequences should they be held to account.

Two weeks, later I received the Summons dated 27th April 2021 for non-payment of Council Tax for the year 2020/21

Here is my response to the Summons and most of the attachments. I’ve redacted personal information and the three items marked with * in the Response are not relevant to the case.

Response to Notice Issued on 27th April 2021

Attempts to communicate with Enfield Council:

29th June 2020 – Letter to Geoff Waterman, Head of Service – Assessment and Collection Services

6th August 2020 – email to Nesil Caliskan, Leader of Enfield Council

11th August 2020 – email from Mrs Y Brown, Council Tax Team Leader

1st October 2020 – Letter to Nesil Calsikan

20th October 2020 – Letter to Nesil Caliskan

21st April 2021 – Letter to Nesil Caliskan

Other documents:

COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction

Image of Enfield Council’s false claim that “The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective”

Enfield Town Residents Association letter pertaining to the gambling licence for Merkur Slots

I emailed my Response to both the Court and Enfield Council, which appear to work hand-in-glove, at around 1:30pm Tuesday 25th May 2021. The virtual “hearing” was to be hosted by Enfield Council at 2pm on Thursday 27th May 2021. It is unclear as to whether a magistrate would actually be in attendance.

In the event, I’ve yet to find out because at five minutes to five O’Clock on the same day, I received an email from the Chris Kafetzis, Team Leader (Court Team) Income & Debt, Finance, Resources & Customer Services, advising me that the hearing is adjourned to 24th June 2021.

I’m in murky legal territory here and will not share the email but the reason for the adjournment is stated as “to give us time to carefully check the documentation and reply accordingly.”

The reason to doubt whether a magistrate is involved in the process is this sentence: “I will contact you again once the documents have been checked to advise you of our decision

As we know, the Law is as corrupt and complicit in crime as every hierarchical institution. In my previous article on why doctors lie, I refer to the long term plan and how the foundations of our enslavement have been laid over many decades. The infiltration of freemasonry by the Illuminati started in 1776 with Adam Weishaupt, financed by Meyer Rothschild. It started in Austria but quickly spread to the international centres of wealth and power. Freemasonry infiltrated English Law, long ago.

In that article, I also referred to the restructuring of the commissioning of “healthcare” that resulted in financial inducements for doctors to make and keep people sick. Similarly, the already flawed institutions of law were reorganised under the Blair administration. Law became [IN]Justice and financial incentives were skewed to further the agenda.

Within my Response to the Summons is reference to fixed penalty notices a.k.a. extortion. Not only have none of these “fines” for contravening the “coronavirus” regulations been enforced in a court of law but where the money goes is a mystery. The company that administers the process of issue and collection of these unlawful fines seems to benefit the Chief Police Officers Staff Association. There is an opaqueness to the accounts that suggests a need for secrecy. Could that secrecy hide yet more plunder and structural violence?

What we are fighting are not the beneficiaries of this system but the structure that creates the incentives for plunder and structural violence while penalising those who dissent.

However, we need to put individuals on notice that their crimes are no longer hidden but are progressively emerging into the light for all to see. Personal liability or criminal proceedings could jeopardise all they hold dear.

We are already witnessing infighting within local and national government and the “rats have started to desert the sinking ship”. The centralised power structure is crumbling.

Thus, my response to the summons for non-payment of Council Tax is not about “winning” in court but walking the talk of non-compliance with criminal “authorities”.

My study of esoteric knowledge and particularly the Tarot has given me some pretty simple guidance (along with confidence that comes from understanding) which is essentially to live by Universal Law.

My attitude to the potential “threat” of “authority” is guided by that understanding, that if I live by Universal Law, I am protected until either I meet new challenges that I need to face or such time as my time in this dimension is over.

I’ve written at length in numerous articles on why and how we should co-create alternative structures, with particular focus on alternatives to the current abusive, destructive and genocidal global money system. Most of all, we need to work within and between communities to build the world we’d like to see.

Post Script

Since receiving the Summons earlier this month, I’ve received very helpful offers of assistance from wonderful people within the co-creative learning network. As I said, my main objective was not to “win” in court but I probably would have benefited from the wisdom dispensed, had I had the time and headspace to explore. A useful example is this from Vijay:

Hi Clive

There are numerous defences people have used against councils, I’m sure you know that Mark Windows has collected a ton of interesting research and work on his website, one of the most interesting was on the status of administrative courts which the councils use:

One of the most powerful defences I’ve learned of is the affidavit or Statement of Truth, because an unrebutted affidavit is the truth in commerce and in law. Also I have learned of the power of legal maxims, which are universally accepted and knowledge of a few is very useful.

It’s interesting the statement of truth was mentioned as a defence in a recent story by our favorite propagandists about BoJo getting a CCJ against him.

There apparently was a change in the wording required for a SoT in April last year.

Maxims seem to have some magical effect when written in Latin, though English is fine:

Many interesting books on maxims on the internet archive:

Finally, being that the legal system is built on The Holy Bible, it’s also useful to know how it can be applied.

Hope that this information may help those learning as I have been.


Last Word

Please feel free to copy, adapt, share any of the information provided. Critical Thinking’s motto is

The “impossible” is becoming inevitable.