Securitisation – Essential Knowledge

In financial circles, securitisation is the practice of bundling assets (often the commons and public assets, property, infrastructure etc.) into traded financial instruments or “securities”. The following is a very different form of securitisation with even more sinister consequences.

@Earthling, on Odysee, reveals the academic underpinnings to fabricate and inculcate illusory existential risks into global consciousness to corral the human herd into submission to tyranny.

Climate & Covid securitisation in action
This video attempts to make things crystal clear as to the use of the state’s fundamental tool (“weapon”) in establishing the Covid and Climate “threats” which have now allowed them to take their authoritarian and totalitarian steps, particularly in the west (or “Global North”). It explains how WE ourselves have enabled our own present circumstances by offering them the reaction they wished for. Hopefully, I have provided enough info and detail to “nail” this explanation for you and I would appreciate any and all feedback to advise me whether this is the case. If not, please explain what may be missing for you and I will try to develop a video which answers your issues. If, however, it does explain sufficiently for you, please share as widely as possible.

We explained how academia was created and controlled to support the one world government agenda to govern and cull the human herd and the Rockefeller Foundation is a prime mover in this regard.

From the video: “As Wickliffe Rose, head of the International Education Board used to remind his pragamatic colleagues: “Remember we are not in a hurry”. Moreover, as Raymond Fosdick, trustee and later president of the Rockefeller Foundation, acknowledged during the 1920s, in the quest for enlightened social control. “There is no royal road to the millennium, no short cut to the Promised Land.”

One hundred years later, Climate and Covid are these long term plans coming to fruition.

COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction


The first securitisation speech act in the new millennium, the “war on terror”, ensured widespread misperceptions of the risk of being a victim of terrorism to facilitate unprecedented surveillance, restrictions and control of the human herd.

From the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation’s annual report, published in June 2012:
“During the 21st century, terrorism has been an insignificant cause of mortality in the United Kingdom. The annualised average of five deaths caused by terrorism in England and Wales over this period compares with total accidental deaths in 2010 of 17,201, including 123 cyclists killed in traffic accidents, 102 personnel killed in Afghanistan, 29 people drowned in the bathtub and five killed by stings from hornets, wasps and bees.”