Sanity in a Mad World

Vernon Coleman explains the madness in his inimitable fashion.

The Madness is Everywhere
“…why we are all fighting our own governments which are run by politicians who want to take away our freedom and our democracy.”

Consider the madness of people denying themselves nearly 20% of their Oxygen intake. US regulations mandate a minimum of 19.1% oxygen when working in a confined space. Normal levels are around 21%. Wearing a mask reduces oxygen intake to c.17%. Wilfull, obedient suicide…

OSHA oxygen level test for masks

Chaziel Sunz explains, in this video from 2017, what is happening today in the context of manufactured civil war.

Chaziel Sunz shares his views on the Left, BLM and political life of the Black Community
“Choose a side for the slaughter… or be on the smart side. You have to be strategic” – sound advice

And here’s the geopolitical context shared during a recent online event.

War On US ALL – Clive Menzies
Extract from Moeen Yaseen’s Gold Virtual Summit on Sunday 21st June 2020. Uploaded by Omar Baloch to his YouTube Channel

To “be strategic” we have to decentralise power wherever we can through non-compliance while creating alternative money, alternative data and information sources. We are the fuel of this system of division and destruction. Why participate in its madness?…