Rogues Gallery of Pigeons

I’m not in the habit of posting links to the BBC’s output which is propaganda, even seemingly innocuous dramas, comedies etc. because of framing and often not so subtle resonance with the Agenda (21/2030/ Great Reset etc.). However, Maggie alerted me to this rogues gallery that was too good to pass up:

New cabinet: Who is in Liz Truss’s top team? By political correspondent Ione Wells & the Visual Journalism Team (journalism is not what the BBC do)

In response, I posted this on Telegram:

Maggie was just digging through the cabinet appointees and it becomes apparent that this is destruction of any remaining credibility in the political system – a bunch of narcissistic, self-serving gang members in thrall to the kakistocracy. If any of them had any principles in their youth, they sold their souls long ago. Not that anything has changed in terms of the theatre of politics, it’s just more obvious today.
Liz Truss and her team of cronies are the pigeons appointed to preside over the unfolding chaos much the same as Andrew Bailey at the Bank of England. As recently as July, this pigeon announced at the Lord Mayor’s banquet “Let me be quite clear, there are no ifs or buts in our commitment to the 2% inflation target. That’s our job, and that’s what we will do.” Hahahaha!

  • Point of clarification. If you’re sitting in a high level meeting and look around the room to identify the “pigeon” (fall-guy, scapegoat for the catastrophe that is about to unfold) and you can’t identify the pigeon… it’s you 🙂

In my last post on Saxe-Coburg Syndrome, I referred to an invitation from Press TV to discuss Elizabeth’s contribution on a live panel discussion. In the event, I couldn’t make it but on Monday 19 September, the day of the royal spectacle, I was invited to join a live discussion on the future of British Monarchy. Charlie boy is the royal pigeon…

Future of British monarchy (video 24 minutes)
Broadcast live on 19 September 2022. In this edition of the Spotlight, Press TV and panelists Clive Menzies, research and political economy analyst from London and Syed M. Inayatullah Andrabi, author and political analyst from London look at the costly funeral processions of the British Queen Elizabeth II and the future of British monarchy.
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