Road to Slavery

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Three (WWIII). As suggested recently, this war, like the first and second world wars, is different from any war we’ve known before. The first world war was on an unprecedented scale and the second world war involved targeting civilian populations for the first time (although the Boer war arguably set the tone with the introduction of concentration camps by the British). WWIII is not a war between nation states but is a war of centralised authority against the global population, i.e. a war of enslavement.

The ultimate irony is that many prosecuting and supporting this war on us all, are victims today and will suffer as much as anyone else, if centralised power prevails. There is a similar irony pertaining to the two world wars of the 20th century – the “victors” in both those wars won nothing other than greater wealth and power for those who fomented both – both the victors and the vanquished had been obstacles to the creation of the new world order under a one world government. The Bolshevik revolution and two world wars decimated their populations and the power of nation states was weakened sufficiently to open the way for supranational institutions to usurp power over nations on the road to global government and the enslavement of the human population.

All wars are banksters wars and WWIII is no exception.

Phase 1 – The War of Terror

Our recent paper, Structures and Money in Transition explained how WWIII has unfolded in four phases, beginning with the “war on[f] terror”. The attacks, claimed to be orchestrated by the “bogeyman” aka. Osama Bin Laden, on New York and Washington on 11th September 2001, were precipitated by many who had little idea of what they were involved in. Compartmentalisation and information shared on a strict “need to know” basis ensured that while many elements were brought together on the day, few knew the overall plan – not least because many assumed it was a simulation, a training exercise. The techniques used for controlling such plots were exposed in Adam Weishaupt’s papers, seized in 1786 by the Bavarian Government. Weishaupt, with the backing of Meyer Rothschild, created the structure of the Illuminati to infiltrate freemasonry and, in turn, governments and the levers of power. Douglas Reed explains this in The Controversy of Zion Chapter 20, The Design, although he doesn’t refer to Rothschild – that information comes from other sources.

The “smoking gun”, in relation to the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York in September 2001, is the controlled demolition of building seven (WTC7). Even the most cursory exploration of the evidence pertaining to WTC7 reveals the reality. If WTC7 came down due to controlled demolition, it would have been “wired” weeks in advance – in which case, the “official” narrative falls apart. Of course, there are many other demonstrable inconsistencies and contradictions in the official narrative to render it implausible at best and in reality impossible.

What unfolded from those attacks and the “war on[f] terror” was the first phase of the current war: the widespread use of fear and “terror” in order to corral the human cattle into submission to unprecedented, draconian limits to their freedoms and the unveiling of global surveillance. The use of false flag terrorism and propaganda has become routine, although, over time, more people have become aware of the inconsistencies and contradictions in official narratives which has diluted the effectiveness of “terrorism” as a lever to corral the human cattle further into submission. As populations became inured to the threat of terrorism, which had lost its potency, other weapons were needed to expand the level of surveillance and control.

Phase 2 – The Climate “Crisis”

Meanwhile, another existential threat had been fomented over previous decades along with the creation and manipulation of global institutions to promote and allegedly address this threat. Phase two was in the guise of man-made global warming, which has now morphed into “climate change” – pretty much a catch-all pretext for anything untoward which happens. The “climate crisis” or “emergency” became the new bogeyman with which to frighten the human cattle. There is particular focus on the young who’ve been brainwashed and weaponised to prosecute the war on themselves and everyone else. The reality of climate and the more likely threat of another Little Ice Age is explained in another paper, Systemic Risk and Climate Change.

Like the war on[f] terror, the climate change narrative is complex and multi-faceted but the “authorised”, simplified narrative has created the momentum to ration energy, plunder the economy and corral people into smart cities under the guise of “sustainable development” expressed through Agenda 2030. The sustainable development goals are characterised by euphemistic language and inverted meanings, as explained by Frances Leader in AGENDA 2030 – NO ESCAPE.

Terrorism and climate change have come under growing scrutiny and consequently, other threats are necessary to distract and divide the human cattle. Creating multiple threats in order to destabilise society sufficiently to implement behavioural and structural change is a well proven technique adopted and refined by the conspirators over centuries.

Phase 3 – Induced Mass Migration

In the Autumn of 2015 came phase three in the form of a step change in the rates of immigration into Europe and the United States. This had the effect of dividing populations by ethnicity, race and religion, creating further tension while ensuring that fewer people, particularly those who are politically active, have the time and impartiality to explore the underlying structure which lies at the root of all the symptoms of the current dysfunctional political economy. Induced mass migration is complex and needs unpicking but to do that properly requires dialogue between indigenous “Europeans” and immigrants, most of whom are victims of the wars of terror and the abusive and destructive political economy in their countries of origin.

Fear is the primary weapon of control, as is explained in Critical Thinking’s final analysis. Fear of terrorism, climate change and the “other” have been exploited by the first three phases of WWIII but all of these lose potency over time; humans are very adaptable and will cease to be terrified of a threat, particularly when it doesn’t materialise in the form of an immediate threat. Hence, to “get us over the line” in terms of absolute submission to centralised control, something more potent was necessary. Also, as we argue in the latest paper, in spite of the sophistication and multi-layered complexity of the first three phases, a growing number of people are becoming aware of the plot and beginning to “infect” others with that realisation.

Phase 4 – The COVID trojan

Enter COVID-19. We’ve rehearsed the arguments as to why COVID-19 is not an existential threat, at length, both here and in recent papers. There are signs that this reality is gaining traction in mainstream circles although not, as yet, widely acknowledged.

Major Study Finds COVID-19 Fatality Rate Greatly ‘Overestimated’ Due To ‘Biases & Miscalculations’ – The Last American Vagabond

Public health lessons learned from biases in coronavirus mortality overestimation by Ronald B. Brown, PhD

What “coronavirus” or the COVID-19 trojan has done is polarise and divide people, particularly those in opposition to much of what is happening. Like all other phases in this war, the COVID-19 narrative is multi-faceted and complex with many competing and contradictory elements designed to distract and divide the population. Fear is a potent weapon and, as in terrorism, the virus is unseen and claimed to be lethal. Statistically, much like terrorism, if the threat has any basis in reality, it is almost negligible. Most of those who’ve died, have done so from other causes and pathologists across Europe have yet to identify a case in which death is attributable to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the UK and other governments are ramping up the ante with yet more draconian measures being recently announced, including the idea of curfews being imposed. However, simultaneously, owing to the desire to get people back to work and into schools again, glaring inconsistencies and contradictions in the regulations are becoming obvious to a growing number of people.

What can we do? As we’ve often said, there is no salvation within the current political economy; politicians and all the other levers of power are beholden to the Rothschilds and their centralised money system. Our only recourse is to decentralise… everything. We need to create new money systems (which is already happening) and resilience within and between communities and families. We laid out some broad ideas in Strategy for Resistance a couple of years ago.

Most of all we need to talk to the “other”, particular those with whom we disagree. We need to co-create a shared understanding of reality; from that understanding we can co-create a new reality to end WWIII. It is our choice – to continue on the road to slavery… or take a different path.


Tess responded to the above with the following and makes a good point:

Thank you Clive for this Truth bomb .
I have one contention – the Third World War began in 1950 and was a war against the Third World . Every newly independent nation , formerly of the British , Japanese, French , Belgian and Dutch empires , was targetted for destabilization and subjugation , under the guise of the proxy war ostensibly fought between the Super Powers .
We are now in the Fourth World War – the war against the people of the World .
Keep up the good work.