Rising Consciousness

Shabbir shared this on Telegram

The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary
In Moscow you feel no crisis. No effects of sanctions. No unemployment. No homeless people in the streets. Minimal inflation.

To which I responded with the following:

Excellent insights into the real time situation and motivation of the Russian and many other peoples. However, what we are in the midst of is far greater than the disintegration of the US led empire of madness and destruction. It is the disintegration of institutional hierarchy itself which is least evident in Russia because their institutions are more in harmony with the spirit of the people. For them and those gravitating towards Russia, this is existential, not just for those who know but for everyone, irrespective of their ability or willingness to perceive it.
Without going too deep, there is not only geopolitical upheaval but a shift in cosmic energy that is powering rising consciousness that knows we, individually, are responsible for ourselves and each other.

We cannot abdicate responsibility to institutions that function primarily to maximise exchange value. Currently, value is viewed through the prism of simple exchange money that bears no relationship to what we, men and women of all ages, need. Perceptions of value are accelerating into alignment with reality and the building blocks for a global system to handle value are now available.

Oh and thank you for sharing this 😊 Distributed Autonomous Organisation in action. We learn and share what we learn and this is powering the shift in consciousness. The tide turned in 2022 and we are rising with it 😊

The Great Reset is a foolish endeavour that is disintegrating already as Distributed Autonomous Organisation (DAO) takes root. Yes, things will get worse before they get better but death and destruction are essential prerequisites for new life and rebuilding. DAO will help mitigate and alleviate some of this suffering but, more importantly, is the foundation for a future of miraculous abundance.

In a talk on the climate scam (another disintegrating myth) earlier this year, in the Q&A, I said something like. “With the knowledge available to us today, everyone in the world should be thriving.” It is only our perceptions of value and fears of not having enough that are holding us back…