Resist Global Governance Locally

As I suggested, in the recent article on Protest and Principled Pragmatism, the political economy will not respond to protest, nor will it deliver justice. It is founded on criminal principles and can only deliver the ideology of destruction. To understand why requires exploring the political economy afresh, without preconceptions or prejudices. The foundations of the shared understanding we developed in Critical Thinking are described in this article.

What is clear from our analysis is that there is a global plan but it is being executed through compartmentalised levers of power, many of them local: local authorities, health services, businesses, NGOs and more. Those in places of responsibility and influence within these local “silos” of power have little idea of what they are promoting but have been manipulated into a false understanding of reality. And of course, they respond to the structural incentives and penalties of the political economy to think and behave accordingly.

If we are to resist the global agenda, we need a shared understanding at the local level to effectively disrupt and stop the agenda being implemented, irrespective of all the layers of regional, national and supra-national institutions leading back to the originators, the “benefactors” and beneficiaries described in Section 4 of COVID-19: Plunder and Population Reduction.

In other words, we can create a new reality at the local level to render all the plans moot.

I’m in dispute with my local council over payment of Council Tax and have today written again in response to a demand for full payment with menaces. Today’s letter is here. In the letter I provide several links and refer to my previous letter, dated 29th June 2020.

This is one “front” on which I’m in dispute with local “authority”, another is my local doctors’ surgery. I sent the following message via their website over last weekend; other than an automated acknowledgement, I’ve yet to receive a response.

Watch this space… 🙂

Meanwhile, if you feel similarly outraged at the ignorance and complicity of local “authorities”, services and businesses in denying your freedom while funding your demise, feel free to plagiarise any of the above to challenge local “authority” directly. Through concerted but distributed action and resistance, we can neutralise this threat to us all.