Rabbit Hole Illusions

My limited social media network has spawned a couple of conversations on whether “covid” is “real”. Covid is real in the sense that it is a trojan rather than a transmissible virus.

The following is how I responded to one message relating to how much information on the fabricated nature of the so-called pandemic is in plain sight on government websites.

This is symptomatic of the layers of deception and distraction, truth and lies to keep the human cattle divided and controlled. There is no individual or group directing this. It is a product of structure. These “rabbits” are automatically generated by the structure for many reasons, not least the competitive nature of institutional hierarchy. “Experts” are promoting abstracted information without understanding of context. Selective information is then promoted to the human cattle, divided on the basis of belief rather than understanding.

Meanwhile, the structure lumbers on, even as it is disintegrating, spawning more and more “rabbits” and the trajectory towards disaster continues.

Most of the “experts” explaining why and how the Covid strategy works and its consequences operate on the basis of the pandemic illusion, i.e. they give credence to mythology.

Opposition perpetuates the myths and no-one asks the fundamental question? Has anyone died from “covid”, a virus that has been transmitted from one person to another?

The truth, until it is unequivocally proven otherwise, is that no-one has died from covid.

All else is noise that stops people focusing on what really matters, the structure and how we replace it!