Iain Davis (In This Together) has just published his exposé of the machinations to create the illusion of a pandemic. Here’s what I wrote to Iain having absorbed most of what the book contains.

As I remarked on Twitter, having listened to your chat with James Corbett, the book promised to be a fascinating read and I was not disappointed in terms of the quality of the information provided. I can’t begin to imagine how much effort went into its production; the detail is invaluable to other researchers.

The introduction is very powerful and states what so many have lost sight of.

I’ve two observations:

The first relates to the notion of pandemics. There has never been one and “coronavirus” is no exception. This is not a matter of “belief” but a lack of evidence to support the claims, including “ebola” which you reference.

This reality has been obscured for centuries by charlatans posing as “scientists” but there is now enough accumulated evidence to know that no “pandemic” has ever been proven:


Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Kohnlein

What Really Makes You Ill?

In the case of Covid specifically, no post-mortem data reveals “covid” as the cause of death, nor has the alleged virus been isolated.

The second relates to structure to which you allude in the final chapters with reference to banking and money creation. Money created and powers the structure that underpins Global Public-Private Partnership and is premised on our misunderstanding of what preceded money. We can reset the world, as you say. To do so we need to re-evaluate how we mediate human relationships and activity.

Exogenous (externally provided) money has centralised power whereas endogenous money (coming from within human relationships and activity) will decentralise everything because the future is distributed.

Many thanks for an amazing book that fills out much of the detail alluded to in our co-created narrative of the last 18 months plus.

I was reading PseudoPandemic very conspicuously on the train/tube yesterday which seemed to cause some anxiety/curiosity among the masked human cattle on London transport 🙂



The book is available as a free .pdf or .epub for subscribers or in hardcopy.