Proxy Wars and the New World Order

The choreographed wave of faux sympathy (a.k.a. virtue signalling) for “Ukranians” that led to the vilification of anything Russian has inevitably created a reaction of demonstrated support for Russia and Russians.

Why faux sympathy? Because those who unthinkingly clapped for the NHS in the UK even as it was murdering the elderly and planning mass vaccination to attack everyone else, immediately declared “I stand with Ukraine” when told to do so. There has been little sympathy for the thousands of Ukranians, young and old, who’ve been killed since 2014 when the US, EU and NATO fomented regime change to install a government with genocidal intent. Nor has there been visible sympathy for the countless victims of wars conducted by NATO and its members from Yugoslavia, through the Middle East and Africa in the last three decades.

The anti-Russian sentiment manifested in many ways, the removal Russian vodka from supermarket shelves, the banning of Tchaikovsky concerts etc. In Paris yesterday, crowds marched with Russian flags as a reaction to this insanity and while this could be welcomed in some respects, it is yet another example of how we are so easily divided. Divide and control is a hackneyed phrase but nonetheless is apposite.

There is little satisfaction in being proven right when so much death and destruction unfolds as predicted but it is important to understand the trajectory of how we got here and where this is going. In Critical Thinking’s final analysis we warned of the imminent human cull, referring to vaccines as one vector of death. The fake pandemic was unleashed almost immediately after publication of that analysis in October 2019.

In that analysis, How We Live, we also referred to proxy wars and the geopolitical two step, This is Ukraine and possibly soon to be Taiwan. So for all those who are expecting the cavalry (Vladimir Putin and/or Xi Jinping) to come to save the day to create an alternative to the new world order, don’t be deluded. James Corbett explains.

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And China? China has been using its economic power to impose conditions on the beneficiaries of its largesse. Ciaran sent me an article (behind a paywall and thus I can’t link to it here) recently on University College Dublin (UCD). The Chinese government invested in a Confucius Centre building on the UCD campus not only with strings attached but because costs went way over budget, the building cost the Irish taxpayers more than China invested.

Similarly, schools and colleges in London receive a large proportion of their funding from international students and because many of those students are Chinese, their parents have insisted that the most draconian “covid” restrictions be imposed on staff and students that go way beyond UK government guidelines. In some schools, these nonsensical restrictions have yet to be relaxed, in spite of the fact that the rest of the UK has “moved on” from “the pandemic” to focus on Ukraine.

The UK government seems to have abandoned the “covid restrictions”… for now. Restrictions at some schools are allegedly being relaxed next week. Perhaps “coronavirus” is going on holiday from then because travel restrictions from the UK have now been lifted.

The serious point in this article is that both Russia and China are ahead of the UK, US and Europe in their totalitarian imposition of control and thus offer no salvation or alliance in the war against us all.

ALL GOVERNMENT is in the hands of the enemy which is why the only solution is non-compliance and building alternative means to survive and thrive.