Protocols Of Power

I have referenced Mark Windows’ work in the past while observing that Mark has as good a grasp of the “bigger picture” as anyone I’ve come across. In this concise but very important series of videos he explains with brutal clarity the reality of the human condition today and the ideology that created it.

The Protocols of Power
A series of shows describing how the system of governance is imposed.
This is a follow on from previous shows which have covered many aspects of this subject

Some may be offended by Mark’s dismissal of most alternative media and organised opposition but having observed for 10 years what Mark has filmed and written about for over 15 years, it is hard to refute what he says. His analysis fully confirms what Critical Thinking discovered and presented in 2019 from a different perspective. Mark’s analysis is corroborated by many other sources such as those linked to from this article.

Mark expresses optimism in the development of localised, human scale initiatives.

In the last few months, I’ve experienced and observed how fast these are growing. This video reveals a reality to which many remain oblivious but that in no way diminishes its growing significance.

Interview with Katherine McBean of the People’s Health Alliance (video 40 minutes 18 seconds)
The People’s Health Alliance is an organic, people-led, integrated health initiative that aims to educate, empower and support the people of the UK. For more information, visit

These localised initiatives can learn a lot and benefit from Frederic Laloux’s case studies of self-organisation. One organisation Frederic studied is Buurtzorg, a community health resource that started in the Netherlands and now employs over 10,000 health professionals across 25 countries in small interdisciplinary teams (no bigger than 12).

What is common to the organisations that Frederic studied for his book, Reinventing Organizations, are these three principles:

These are the principles that underpin the co-creative learning methodology from which Critical Thinking’s analysis evolved. Subsequent analysis published here on and elsewhere is derived from the same, self-organising methodology.

The future is distributed and money methodology is key to transformation.