Protest and Principled Pragmatism

Having attended the Trafalgar Square, London rally on 29th August 2020 and yesterday’s event for the first couple of hours and having watched the Ruptly.TV livestream of both yesterday and the 19th September event which I didn’t attend, I’ve been reflecting on the effectiveness of protest.

Turning out to show the world that there are many who understand at least some of what’s going on and being able to share stories and information are vital to the “awakening”. And the first two Trafalgar Square events achieved that and more. However, yesterday marks a turning point in the infiltration, co-option and degradation of the “movement” to divide, distract and dissipate its power.

This not a prediction but a sense that arises from watching the well choreographed clearing of the Square, the removal of the “podium” and a few people by what is no longer a police or constabulary force with the obligation to protect people and their property (including their innate freedoms) but a gendarmerie (military force with law enforcement duties among the civilian population).

Yesterday seemed to descend into ritual, with each side (police and protesters) playing their part in a theatrical production. This is not to denigrate the many people who turned out to show their desire for freedom; it takes courage to stand up to the brutality meted out by these slave soldiers. Arguably, it takes even more courage to stand against the tide of public opinion and risk alienation from those we love.

There will likely have been agents provocateurs in the crowd to ensure the media got adequate footage to portray the protesters as “dangerous” to keep the rest of the sheep in line.

And of course there was the iconic parade of one of the police (soldiers) with his head bandaged – no matter that a number in the crowd were bleeding profusely from head wounds inflicted by batons. The “soldiers” (those with batons), by the way, were generally helmeted and thus the bandage may have been merely cosmetic to reinforce the “these thugs are dangerous” narrative. They didn’t even bother to introduce some “blood” to show the bandage covered a savage wound.

The techniques applied yesterday have been refined over centuries but are today applied with relative sophistication (in spite of obvious inconsistencies) through an unprecedented, integrated, global structure of technocracy.

Thus, having created the ritual, future protests will tend to follow the pattern and degrade over time until people give up. The rallies will probably continue and be managed into self-destruction, like most genuine opposition movements, or the “movement” will morph into something different.

The sense of subversion, co-option and diversion was reinforced by some of the speeches from the podium. There were various tell-tale signs; for example, political bias in the condemnation of Boris Johnson and his cronies – Kier Starmer, the new Labour leader and member of the Trilateral Commission, is fully on board with the COVID-19 trojan agenda. “A plague a’ both their houses” – Romeo And Juliet Act 3, scene 1.

That is not to say there wasn’t truth spoken; much of what was said resonates with Critical Thinking’s analysis. However, with subtle introductions of targets to distract the crowd from the source of our problems, the power of protest is sucked into division and displacement activity.

The focus (of some speakers) on these “evil people”, conspiring behind closed doors to control and kill us, is highly effective in diverting attention from the structural causes of COVID and the agenda for world domination. Most of the individual “conspirators” are clueless as to the real agenda but respond to the structural incentives and penalties of the political economy, as do we all. Consequently, we are all complicit in this conspiracy. It is a product of structure. Individuals are merely cogs in the machine.

Our deference to criminal authority, founded on the three unlawful principles that underpin the system of oppression and enslavement, keeps us captive and abused. This is explained within many of the articles, books, papers and videos we’ve aggregated and analysed over recent years; by this deference to a criminal hierarchy, together with our participation in theft of the commons and usury, we remain captives of the systemic application of the ideology of destruction.

Which brings us to “principled pragmatism” or gradual reform by targeting specific measures to address abstracted elements of the political economy without understanding the real context in which these elements exist.

In some interpretations of Islam, there is the concept of “choose the lesser of two evils” which presupposes that we know which is the lesser evil. History shows time and time again how we’ve been distracted from real causes to target those who are dangled in front of us as perpetrators of evil. In the TV age, it was easy to fool the majority; before that it was printed media. Today’s all encompassing media operates with unprecedented sophistication and control to manage the narratives to which most people cling because it’s easier than working out what is really going on for themselves.

In focusing on people, rather than structure, we’ve been coerced into ever greater submission to “criminal authority”. It is the ultimate protection racket.

This is why principled pragmatism is not only doomed to fail but fuels the system. In attempting to renegotiate our terms of slavery with dishonourable authority, we tighten the bonds that bind us while the lifeblood is drained from us – our spirits , our souls and our bodies are under constant attack as we are sucked into the vortex of destruction. Our energy feeds the ideology of destruction.

We, individually, have the power to change the system’s impact on ourselves, and in so doing, we reduce the system’s impact on everybody else. We don’t need to create a “movement”, in the accepted sense, with an identity; we need a distributed network of circles of trust.

Within these circles of trust (say 6 to 12 people), we can explore the many perspectives on the world to co-create a shared understanding of reality, without which we have no foundation on which to build a better future. Over time, individuals become part of an interlocking, distributed network of co-creative development to wean us all off the system. We take a Golden Elevator to a new, collaborative and prosperous global society founded on firm principles but divergent in flavour or appearance.

As we co-create our learning and living, we begin to appreciate and feel the Divine Wisdom that rules the universe. Once we embrace Divine Wisdom, if our thoughts and actions are guided by adherence to universal law built on love, rather than fear, the ideology of destruction will cease to have leverage over our lives or our future. That is not to say bad things won’t happen nor that people won’t do bad things but it will mean that destruction and abuse cannot be orchestrated at scale.

We set out some preliminary ideas to wean ourselves and those we love off the system of control.

Finally, when talking of pragmatism, let’s consider the NHS. In the depths of the UK “lockdown” the sheep were allowed outside for a brief period, weekly, to “clap for the NHS”. The same NHS that was denying millions of people diagnosis and treatment for many conditions, including cancers. There are layers to the NHS story of which most people are unaware.

The original concept of the National Health Service was healthy living for all, envisioned by the post-War Labour government. Medical treatment was the lesser priority. It was much more about diet, living standards and factors unrelated to modern medicine. It was quickly colonised and subverted to become a guaranteed cash cow for the Rockefellers and their cronies – a sickness and disability system to plunder the UK populace while reducing their physical and mental capacity.

This issue requires digging through many layers of deception, such as the Blair government changing the financial arrangements for the running of local surgeries. On the one hand, it had the appearance of devolving the commissioning of treatment to the local level but, on the other hand, it put GPs (local doctors) at the mercy of big pharma, consultants, government, NGOs and UN affiliated directives to orchestrate the prescription of an ever growing cocktail of potentially lethal pharmaceuticals and procedures. The NHS narrative is hugely complex and multifaceted and there are obviously both good and bad aspects. However, what becomes clear is that the NHS is the product of the fundamental flaws in the political economy which makes it much easier to understand.

With this in mind and the overriding agenda to use the young as “weapons for change” while ensuring they will never, in the future, “rise up to bite the hand that feeds them”, what do we make of vaccinations for 12 and 13 year old children against sexually transmitted diseases under the “NHS Childhood Vaccination Schedule” ?

Vaccines to alter DNA, while tagging and monitoring the recipients, are a fact and the agenda is to vaccinate everyone on the planet. Neither protest nor principled pragmatism will stop this. A shared understanding of reality will.