Phases of Deception

The context or background to what is unfolding today, under the pretext of a fabricated pandemic, is provided in How We Live which is introduced in a two part video.

In that paper, reference is made to false flag attacks to initiate and sustain the so called “war on terror” to coral the human cattle into docile submission to draconian security and surveillance while unleashing perpetual war. This was Phase One of Deception and provided the impetus and confidence to roll out the following phases to create the global police state. Today, the illusion of freedom is evaporating before our eyes.

Phase Two came in the form of the Global Warming/Climate Change scam and focused people’s attention and anger on themselves, their lifestyles and each other and provided the impetus for one world government under Agenda 21/2030. The Earth’s climate is moving into a period of cooling which could create conditions analogous to the Little Ice Age, ie. severe energy and food shortages. People have relied on “experts” who’ve been incentivised to support the “climate change” narrative, while those who attempt to challenge the illusion of consensus are penalised. Institutional hierarchy and academic freedom are diametrically opposed.

Phase Thee was the acceleration of induced mass migration in 2015, particularly into Europe and the US, to create division and put populations under further stress while diverting people’s attention away from what else was unfolding all around them… the Infrastructure for totalitarian control and elimination of individual freedom. It was essential to eliminate opposition to what is now being implemented. There is to be no autonomy or independent living in the Structural Elite vision for the new world order under world government. Listen to Celeste Solum from about 25 minutes into this edition of the Richie Allen Show. Celeste refers to the documented plans, displayed on the World Economic Forum’s website, for those sufficiently curious to explore what the Structural Elite have in store for us.

The scene was set for what is now underway. Max Igan explains “The Illusion of Freedom is No Longer Profitable” and we’re now in Phase Four: the deliberate sabotage of the current economic framework and the unveilling of global martial law.

The pretext or trigger for Phase Four is the manufactured pandemic, aka. COVID-19. Phase Four is similar to Phase One in that COVID-19 follows the same pattern as a false flag terrorist attack. It was extensively documented (like the “New Pearl Harbour” in the Project for the New American Century [PNAC] document, ie. 9/11) and rehearsed. It is augmented by layers of distraction and deception to divide and confuse those seeking to understand what’s going on. Like terrorism, it relies on the pre-programmed fear of an unseen enemy which, when we dig deeper, is controlled and directed by the very “authority” people rely on to “save them”. Global Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.

In the last post, I asked, are we looking at the wrong birdie? ie. have we been misdirected and misled by a century of propaganda about viruses and vaccines? Please watch the Anatomy of COVID-19 in which Andrew Kaufman explains why people will test positive for the so called “virus”. It looks exactly the same as Exosomes that are a cellular component released to combat toxic invasion. The other videos in the 1st April 2020 post add weight to the idea that our misunderstanding of viral infection is fundamental to this scam; when combined with the analysis of infection and mortality data they suggest that people aren’t dying from, or of, COVID-19 but other causes. And as virtually everyone will likely test positive for the illusory disease, it is the perfect cover to finalise global enslavement and population reduction with killer vaccines, long in gestation.

If you want to survive Phase Four, look at COVID-19 from different perspectives and think

Don’t get tested or vaccinated but, more than anything, lose the unjustified fear of the “other”. We need each other more than ever!