Pesky Facts – We Are Harvested

This short video which arrived from “You Are Not in Debt!” Telegram channel clearly explains how we are harvested by specific example. It applies to everything that we are charged for because money displaced trust between humans. Amid the complexity of generations of statutes and precedents from case law, reality has become obscured.

Pesky Facts – We Are Harvested (5 minutes 34 seconds)
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Councils charge tax to cover things like waste collection and companies charge councils for collecting materials for power generation. Everything is ours by virtue of our existence. Not only are we denied access to our birthright but we are charged for the privilege of everything that belongs to us. Why? The invention of simple, exchange money!

Allegedly Dave has a website that contains copious information and resources in order to wade through the maze of complexity that is the law. On Dave’s one day course he emphasises some maxims:

  • Do not do anything you do not understand;
  • keep it simple;
  • and ALWAYS act in honour. In other words, if you are guided by love and truth, you are untouchable.

However, to attain that state and free ourselves from bondage, we need knowledge and wisdom.

To become the Magician we need a creed and a methodology. Our creed is encapsulated in this print.

Our methodology is CoCreative Learning.