A conversation on a local Telegram group questioned the integrity of Hugo Talks and his videos, which tend to be on point on many issues but in his questioning everything may be “throwing the baby out with the bath water”. Here is an excerpt from the Telegram conversation:

I started watching one of his videos yesterday and he was poking at Dan Astin Gregory and because he has created a platform called Elevate and they have breathing and meditation it’s all “new age” and can’t be trusted. Ffs, you can’t focus on your breath now or meditate because it has some sinister association and anyone buying into this has been tricked into this by evil forces. He’s lost it. He’s so sucked into paranoid conspiracies that he can’t focus on anything positive. Have left his group and unsubscribed from his newsletter. Can’t be doing with his 2+2=5 and he thinks he’s the awake one.

I made the following observation

We’ve been conditioned into a binary mode of thinking that doesn’t account for the nuances, complexities and ambiguities in life. Most of us have blindspots and biases but the co-creative learning methodology helps overcome these. Perhaps this section on Sources may help resolve the many layered competing narratives.
Many years ago, in a critical thinking session, Janos presented an essay which I’ll try to dig out. The basic premise is that we’ve been conditioned into binary dialectics. In discussion, instead of listening intently to what is being said, we are alert to the things we disagree with rather than being attuned to common ground. Ego is the limiting factor. See Beware Ego

Multiple perspectives are essential to see the context of events and issues because when we share common understanding of the whole structure, we begin to fill in the gaps and resolve outstanding differences. We’ve found the CoCreative Learning methodology accelerates this process and the expansion of our understanding.

I couldn’t locate Janos’s essay referred to above but I did find another that analyses the causes of disagreement:

The Seven Causes of Disagreement by Janos Abel

Perspectives on Paedophilia

I recently attended a book reading at the London School of Mosaic that prompted me to buy the book and read it. I know the author and promised to review it on Amazon. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be giving my energy and attention to Amazon but life is about balance. Does the importance of Tatiana Strauss‘s book, Blue Speedwell, transcend the imperative to avoid giving succour to the structure? In my view, it does. Life isn’t binary which is the point of this article. We need to weigh each decision on the basis of what we learn from universal law, i.e. be guided by love and truth. Anyway, I digress. Here is my review:

As a researcher, I seldom read novels, least of all contemporary ones. However, having attended a reading of the book by the author, I was both intrigued and drawn to want to read it. The book deals with what many regard as controversial subject: a sexual relationship between a 14 year old girl and an older man.
In this age of growing awareness of paedophilia of a more obvious and sinister nature with the likes of Jimmy Savile being exposed makes this a topic that many will shy away from. However, this is written not from a “victim” perspective but as an insightful, sensitive and rich narrative of an awakening, way beyond the sexual. A narrative that unfolds over a decade or so with a spiritual dimension that almost takes one by surprise. It is an intriguing and uplifting story that keeps one entertained and engaged. It is also a story that rings true and its importance is related to differentiating between the predatory nature of paedophilia and a love story where the age gap happens to be unconventional to say the least.

I have often said that these articles write themselves at the right time. Tatiana’s book is an important reminder that arbitrary laws, attitudes and mores based on a fixed perception of numerical age, for example, cannot account for or manage the complexity and serendipity of human relationships. Only we can do this, ourselves in free association with others.

However, we must accept that predatory paedophilia is the means by which the structure is maintained and thus encouraged. Institutional hierarchy is the fundamental flaw that allows and encourages us to abdicate responsibility for ourselves and each other. As long as we do so, paedophilia will continue to operate from the Satanic Ritual Abuse at the apex of the pyramid of power and continue to pollute and permeate all society.

We need to make our own judgements and decisions based on universal law. As Larken Rose asked in the Five Questions video posted recently, by what means do we empower governments do what they do?