Perfecting Kill Shots

The human cull has been an obvious objective from the start of the pseudopandemic.

This video of analysis of VAERS data shows how adverse reactions aren’t unfortunate “side-effects” of the experimental COVID injections but deliberate targeted events to refine deployment of the kill shots.

Patterns in the Deployment of Toxic Covid Vaccine Batches (video 27 minutes 46 seconds)
VAERS database provided the batches in time sequence, and has records of all the adverse reactions assoiciated with each batch.
So it was a simple task to create a graph showing how toxicity of the batches varied with time over the entire year of 2021.
From the graph we can see when toxic batches were deployed, and how toxic they were.
We can also see WHO deployed them, and how the pharma companies acted in relay, so as to not intrude on each other’s time slot
Finally, we can discern the purpose and reason for these toxic deployments – dosage testing etc

A term often used in relation to these injections is “Russian Roulette“. If you’ve already had a shot(s) and survived without undue distress, stopping now will possibly save your life. To continue, increases the probability of a severe adverse reaction or even death.

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