Perceptions and Reality

I was recently invited to participate in a discussion on the EU after Brexit on Kalima Horra with George Galloway.

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The theatre of politics (generally) distracts and divides. Perceptions, reinforced by binary groupthink (pro- versus anti-EU, for example), completely ignore what the European Union actually is. The EU is a stepping stone to one world government and the new world order, a.k.a. The Great Reset.

Representative democracy within the National context is little more “democratic” than the obviously undemocratic EU itself. We need to question the fundamental premise of representative democracy because those elected aren’t accountable to those who vote but to those who selected them to be among the chosen representatives, i.e. money power.

Popular perceptions of COVID-19 similarly bear little relationship to reality in terms of its prevalence, transmission and lethality. Consequently, many are terrified of the “COVID” and yearn for the potentially lethal, experimental mRNA vaccines as the means to return to normality… (a normality that no longer exists).

The first of these postcards to the Mother Ship (the Architectural Association’s LAWuN project) expresses such yearning.

AALAWuN postAuDIOcard04
with thanks to Leszek Skrzypiec, Sally Stott, Daria Nepop, Tamir Cohen Aharoni, Martynas Vinksna, Ebere Nwosu, Simone Piccoli, Nicoletta Norman

However, as we’ve frequently suggested, our understanding of “viruses” is woefully deficient and the threat of the virus, even if it exists, is negligible compared to that of mRNA vaccines. Besides which, the “virus” has yet to be isolated.

Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI)
Finally, if pathogenic viruses don’t exist, then what is going into those injectable devices erroneously called “vaccines,” and what is their purpose? This scientific question is the most urgent and relevant one of our time.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

  • Create COVID pandemic by manipulation of popular perception
  • Fear and clamour for experimental vaccines
  • Give the people what was planned from the outset, the Great Reset

Our Reset a.k.a. People’s Reset

We’ve laid out why COVID is a trojan not a virus and pointed to the root cause, money. Since then, the Taxonomy of Money has exposed the critical distinction between exogenous and endogenous money. The taxonomy work was published in early December 2020.

Subsequently, Alex and I have been working on models of endogenous tokens and presented a very brief description and overview to the DCGI (Digital Currency Global Initiative) Security and Assurance Working Group.

Taxonomy reveals a viable means by which everyone can escape the manipulation of perception by money power and be free to create and satisfy the needs of their families, communities and the wider world. In short, we can be free to live as humans thrived for millennia, with the additional, life-enhancing, technological advances of today.

More detailed and accessible information on the transformational potential of endogenous tokens is about to be published on the revised MacroRisk Connect website.

We expect to “go public” within a few days…

the future is here; all we need to do is recognise it and we can bring about Our Reset.