NHS World Order

In March 2021, I described the NHS as a gulag. Gulag is the Russian acronym for Chief Administration of Corrective Labour Camps. I referred to Gulag Academia, the paper we produced in November 2019, the year in which the NHS Long Term Plan was published (with very little publicity at the time).

Given the ominous nature of the plan, it is not surprising that it wasn’t publicised more widely because everything we’ve experienced since is consistent with the plan that unfolded under the cover of the pseudo pandemic.

John sent me this video and the link to the NHS Long Term Plan.

The New NHS World Order – Scandal (video 1 hour 27 minutes 24 seconds)
Part 2 of my expose into the scandal which is the creation of the “new NHS” being brought to you by Bill Gates, The World Health Organisation (W.H.O), the World Economic Forum (W.E.F) and Israeli intelligence, to name but a few of the foreign organizations infiltrating our country right now.
I break down the NHS’s Orwellian, Brave New World and Animal Farm agenda called “The Long Term Plan” which includes all of world society being run by the NHS.
England to be the worlds first smoke free society, housing provided by the NHS with 24/7 external and internal surveillance. New “healthy towns” being built now and healthy awards for your home and business as long as you comply. Linked to your genome, health passport and NHS App. This is the social credit system in action.
So join me on the edge of the simulation, as we delve into the real agenda. Frightening doesn’t go far enough for this new society being created and it’s here already!

Note the reference in the video to Israel. As our research revealed long ago, All Roads Lead to Jerusalem, the Rothschilds’ private fiefdom…

This plan will not work in the long term because the system is crumbling as more people awaken to the agenda. A fast growing number of people are refusing to participate by creating alternative, local systems for healthcare, food, energy and much more while refusing to fund their own enslavement and destruction.

The war is on and we need to remain focused on the tasks that will liberate us from external control, in all its forms.