Money, Control And Self-Organisation

I’ve been writing much less of late because I’m immersed in multiple projects, most of them local and very much concerned with alternative ways of living, i.e. reducing our reliance on institutional structures to self-organise and co-create alternative food, health, law and other shared interest networks.

The PHA (Peoples Health Alliance) is spawning many self-organising groups to co-create health facilities and healthy living. My local PHA group held its first weekly hub event at Jubilee Park, Edmonton, London last Friday and I did a talk on the subject in the title of this article.

Money, Control and Self-Organisation (video 28 minutes 4 seconds)

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Self-organisation is how we liberate ourselves from tyranny. We don’t need to fight anyone or demand justice and equity; we co-create these things for ourselves by helping and supporting each other. As these and other self-organising systems take hold, the current institutional structures will control less and less. What will happen then? They will cease to be relevant.

We ARE the power!

Without our participation and belief, these institutions will whither and die and those within them will be left with no appealing alternative other than to join the self-organising networks.

I’m scheduled to do another talk on Friday 9 September 2022 at the same venue on Money, Law and Commerce to talk about how the law is commerce and how we reclaim our power to act as living men and women rather than fictional “persons” or ens legis.

ens legis
/enz liyjas/ L. Lat. A creature of the law; an artificial being, as contrasted with a natural person. Applied to corporations, considered as deriving their existence entirely from the law
– Black’s law dictionary. HENRY CAMPBELL BLACK, M. A.. 1990.

Over the last three months a small local group of us have been meeting weekly to explore such things to liberate ourselves as living men and women. We’re not fighting anyone, we’re co-creating ways to navigate the structure with minimum effort for maximum benefit. We are however, challenging the institutions that try to plunder us daily and those “order believers” who have yet to realise they live in the Matrix 🙂

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’  –  Sun Tzu