Money, Big Oil and the Climate ‘Crisis’

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article, The Climight Zone in which there is a link to an interview with Press TV, Spotlight – Big Oil’s Role in Global Warming. The presenter was clearly taken by surprise by the claim that Big Oil is behind the man-made global warming narrative. The CliMIGHT reference in the article title alludes to the enormous power wielded by Money over Levers of Power such as Big Oil, as the article went on to explain. The Twilight Zone was a popular TV series about parallel worlds, thus The Climight Zone describes the parallel world of the “climate crisis”.

Following my appearance on Press TV, Ian Fantom of Keep Talking invited me to speak at an event at the Tea House, Vauxhall in London. The next video is of the presentation slides with my voice (the event was filmed and should include the following Q&A session – I’ll post it when available).

Money BigOil and the Climate ‘Crisis’ (video 1 hour 3 minutes 30 seconds)
Unpicking the paradox: how come big oil is the alleged bogeyman vilified by NGOs, Extinction Rebellion and the like, if such groups are funded by big oil? All is revealed 🙂
Also available on BitChute

Download the slides for the presentation

I mention some references, listed below together with others that are relevant.

In short, there is no climate crisis but there is a war on us all. Men and women are awakening to this war and we are taking back our birthright: freedom and unconditional access to the means to thrive. A world of miraculous abundance awaits 🙂