Money and the Mob

It should be clear, to those who’ve been following the work of Critical Thinking and among the burgeoning, distributed network of co-creative research, analysis and development, that we are ruled within a criminal structure governed by money. Those who’ve yet to explore the reality of the political economy may find Critical Thinking’s paper on monetary reform a good place to start.

In that paper, we refer to the concentration of power. Elsewhere, we’ve often referred to the 2011 study into what it describes as the capitalist network that runs the world. We’ve argued consistently that, when viewed from multiple perspectives, control of the global political economy is concentrated in far fewer hands than the study suggests.

The criminality of the structure is hidden from most people’s view because of the popular misunderstanding of money, where it comes from and its effects.

Please don’t take this as any sort of indictment of those identified as complicit or instrumental in financial and other, far more destructive and genocidal crimes.

We too are complicit through the acceptance of the money system and the structure it created. Every interaction with the system, contributes to the scale of the crimes.

We can map the trajectory from some of the ancestors of various bloodlines, who were undoubtedly culpable but should the sins of the parents be visited upon successive generations who’ve come to believe in money as the means to, and measure of, success?

We all belong to the Mob; most of us are the “small fry” that prop up the edifice.

Thus, who are we to point in horror at those more successful within the age of plunder?

Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI)

The criminality of the structure is exposed when banking scandals erupt into public consciousness. Some will remember the activities of the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI). What few will be aware of is the banking cartel that is implicated in BCCI’s crimes. Artist Mark Lombardi paid with his life for attempting to expose this criminal network to a wider audience.

When a global cartel bank is exposed as having committed criminal offences (and it’s often the same offences repeated for years), there is no criminal indictment, merely a “settlement” with some regulatory authority (controlled by the same few people). These “fines” are tax-deductible costs of doing business – the scale of the crimes in question dwarfs these costs.

Too Big or Small Enough to Jail

HSBCs money-laundering on behalf of terrorists and drug cartels is only one among many such examples, the details of which we seldom discover because they are never revealed as part of the settlement, in which there is no admission of wrong-doing.

Contrast the treatment of HSBC (cartel bank) with Abacus (a small family-run New York bank serving the local Chinese community). Abacus and its owners were hounded, by the regulatory poodles of the banking cartel, for years but eventually managed to clear their names and the bank, at a cost of around $10million, an enormous cost relative to the bank’s size and resources. As this documentary film’s title explains, Abacus was small enough to jail.

War On Us All

When one looks afresh at the phases in the war on us all with the understanding of the criminal nature of the money system, one sees how the mechanism to control the narrative works. All of those involved in these phases are driven to submit to the narrative or their job, status, family, wealth and even their lives are in jeopardy.

War on[f] Terror – Phase 1

The “smoking gun”, in relation to the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York in September 2001, is the controlled demolition of building seven (WTC7). Even the most cursory exploration of the evidence pertaining to WTC7 reveals the reality. If WTC7 came down due to controlled demolition, it would have been “wired” weeks in advance – in which case, the “official” narrative falls apart. Of course, there are many other demonstrable inconsistencies and contradictions in the official narrative to render it implausible at best and in reality impossible.

Compartmentalisation and information shared on a strict “need to know” basis ensured that while many elements were brought together on the day, few knew the overall plan – not least because many assumed it was a simulation, a training exercise. The techniques used for controlling such plots were exposed in Adam Weishaupt’s papers, seized in 1786 by the Bavarian Government. Weishaupt, with the backing of Meyer Rothschild, created the structure of the Illuminati to infiltrate freemasonry and, in turn, governments and the levers of power.

Climate Change – Phase 2

Phase two was in the guise of man-made global warming, which has now morphed into “climate change” – pretty much a catch-all pretext for anything untoward which happens. The “climate crisis” or “emergency” became the new bogeyman with which to frighten the human cattle. There is particular focus on the young who’ve been brainwashed and weaponised to prosecute the war on themselves and everyone else. The reality of climate and the more likely threat of another Little Ice Age is explained in another paper, Systemic Risk and Climate Change.

The money system created the momentum behind the “Green New Deal” and once established, everyone’s interests were corralled into it by money. Incentives and penalties ensure compliance with the new religion of climate change.

Induced Mass Migration – Phase 3

In the Autumn of 2015 came phase three in the form of a step change in the rates of immigration into Europe and the United States. This had the effect of dividing populations by ethnicity, race and religion, creating further tension while ensuring that fewer people, particularly those who are politically active, have the time and impartiality to explore the underlying structure which lies at the root of all the symptoms of the current dysfunctional political economy. Induced mass migration is complex and needs unpicking but to do that properly requires dialogue between indigenous “Europeans” and immigrants, most of whom are victims of the wars of terror and the abusive and destructive political economy in their countries of origin.

Again money is the principal lever behind phase three.

COVID19, the Ultimate Protection Racket – Phase 4

Terrorism and climate change are protection rackets. An unseen threat is created and exaggerated in order to extort money and compliance from the human cattle. However, because these threats are unseen firsthand and not directly relevant to people’s daily lives, apart from via the propaganda machine (essentially all the levers of power), their potency is limited and dilutes over time.

The COVID trojan horse is a completely different proposition. People have been made to fear for their lives on a constant basis, to then be subjected to plunder and structural violence. We’ve explained the role of money in this scam in another recent paper, COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction.

The Art of War

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”
― Sun Tzu

Firstly, we have no need to fight anyone. Essentially, those complying with the structural incentives and penalties to implement these phases of war are as much victims as the rest of us. We are at war with the structure.

We are the power that feeds and nourishes the structure but we can refuse to feed it. Critical Thinking laid out some strategies for resistance in December 2018. However, at that time, we had no “Golden Bridge” for us and everyone else to “retreat across”. That has now changed.

ENabling Tokens and Endogenous Ledgers are the Golden Bridge to the new political economy. This is not retreating but leaving the structure of the age of plunder to wither on the battlefield with humans unharmed.

Without “money”, the mobsters have no power and will therefore have to comply with the prevailing incentives of the new political economy, for co-creative development and mutual support. Or they become irrelevant.