Critical Thinking’s and subsequent analysis reveals that perceptions and structure lie at the root of the human tragedy. Both perceptions and structure are governed by the methodology of money. Consequently, so is everything else which is why all of our institutions, local, national and global serve money rather than human needs.

Compartmentalisation is key to control because as long as decision making and understanding in respect of anything is broken down into little pieces, no-one understands the whole and no-one is accountable.

Yesterday, the Magistrate accepted that I was accusing Enfield Council of criminal actions but he could do nothing other than adjudicate on whether the outstanding Council Tax had been calculated correctly and whether we had paid it. In those terms, the issuing of a liability order was a foregone conclusion. The money making machine rolls on…

The recent article on lawful rebellion included a discussion with Gary Fraughen whose book, Putting a Stopper in the Bottle of Death & the Occult, I’ve now read; the timing of its receipt was serendipitous because it incisively exposes the money-making machine that is the law.

Some may ask, “what was the point?[of my challenge]” Once people know, they cannot unknow. COVID19: Plunder and Population Reduction is now lodged at Enfield Council and Highbury Corner Magistrates Court. Our court submission is in the public domain.

When information is received from many independent sources, those in legal and other institutional compartments who start to question inconsistencies and contradictions become potential contributors to the co-creative development of alternative perceptions that underpin alternative structures.