Media in Elizabethan (I) England

On 16 August 2021, Nick Kollerstrom who specialises in exploding myths presented perspectives on the authorship of William Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. Cumulative evidence suggests that William Shakespeare (thus spelt) never existed and that his canon was the product of multiple authors.

How “William Shakespeare” Never Did Exist (video 1 hour 53 minutes and 37 seconds)

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Nick recommended Who Wrote Shakespeare? by John Michell as a good general introduction to the subject. John Michell’s other books cover a wide range of subjects and look worth reading.

We know how the CIA was revealed to have published over a 1,000 books by 1970 and that national intelligence services are deeply embedded in media globally, serving the interests of money power. John Dee, said to be the original 007 of the British secret service, was a contemporary of Francis Bacon who likely had a hand the William Shakespeare myth.

Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets were published in 1623 and as we approach the 400th anniversary, Nick provides the context for that period. It resonates with what is happening today in terms of how media is used to frame perceptions.