Love and Cooperation to Survive and Thrive

We’ve long argued that the world has been on the trajectory to economic collapse and that the ensuing chaos will affect everyone. In my letters to Enfield Council explaining why I withheld Council Tax, I warned them repeatedly and the papers submitted to the Magistrates Court reiterated the reasons why. From my first letter dated 29 June 2020:

My work is in the field of macro risk and we’ve been anticipating a collapse of the global economy for some years; the fake coronavirus pandemic is the trigger and cover to facilitate a reset of the global money and economic system. I could refer you to copious information to substantiate this assertion but for the time being mention this: In October 2018, we said, when physical gold was trading at around $1200 per ounce, that when gold takes off, we’re on our way to full blown collapse. In July, last year, when gold had surged through $1400, the red lights (economic warning signs) were flashing.

Today, gold is trading well above $1700 and will probably go much higher. Central banks are pumping money into an already over inflated fiat money system and the consequence will be the collapse of fiat currencies, analogous to the Weimar Republic in post-first world war Germany. Central banks are engineering this collapse and the banking cartel is pulling the strings behind this media fuelled “pandemic” frenzy based on lies and deception. Council Tax collection, in the face of the ensuing depression, is going to be the least of your or the Council’s worries. We’re talking about surviving chaos, famine and civil war.

Within the last 48 hours, gold has surged once more and is trading above $2000; it is going to go a lot higher, as is the price of energy and food.

What triggered this latest surge? Gonzalo Lira explains in this next video that the sanctions, imposed on Russia by the West, will have much less impact on the country and its citizens than in Europe and the US. Yes, Russian oligarchs and the middle classes may be denied access to Gucci handbags, Mercedes and BMWs but in the West, the poor and middle classes will be denied access to food and energy.

Why Sanctions Will Hurt The West—Not Russia (video 1 hour 19 minutes 6 seconds)
Coherent analysis as to why the sanctions on Russia will backfire to trigger hyperinflation in the US and Europe and the collapse of currencies. Some may baulk at Gonzalo Lira’s abrasive style but that doesn’t alter reality.
also on BitChute:

Growing hardship and chaos will lead to a high death count, on top of the devastation wrought by harmful injections that have increased all cause mortality. Consequently, demographics will also play a part in the collapse because western economies are founded on property financialisation. All the housing and offices being built across London and other cities, for example, aren’t going to be needed causing property values to slump due to excess supply.

A growing number of people are recognising these existential threats and are sharing information on the falsity of narratives in respect of the war in Ukraine, the phoney climate crisis, the scamdemic and much more. People are awakening to the lies and are becoming increasingly angry and fearful. They no longer fear what they are told to fear but are in fear of their governments’ authoritarian responses.

We have no need to fear because we are many and they are few and when we turn our backs on them and their system, they have no power over us.

Last Sunday, I attended a three hour presentation by David Adelman; it was engaging and inspirational. I highly recommend watching his introductory videos because you will learn how to assert your rights which no-one, not even governments, can take away, irrespective of “human rights” legislation. Your rights are unlienable which means that no-one can limit or take them away. In the state of confidence that results from this knowledge, fear evaporates.

We are then in a position to live as we are destined to live. As free men, women, boys and girls living in love and harmony,

We are interdependent and reliant on each other. Thus as chaos unfolds, we need each other to get us through these difficult times. Forget what “they” (those who claim authority over us) are doing; let’s create our own food and support networks to make them irrelevant.

We’re experiencing rising energy vibrations resulting from human awakening and cosmic forces. Through love and cooperation, we will not only survive but thrive.