Lawful Rebellion

It should be clear to those who take an interest that we are ruled by a criminal structure within which psychopathy is rewarded while acting in accordance with Universal Law is illegal in most respects.

Universal Law is founded on love and unselfishness because any harm we inflict on others, we inflict upon ourselves. We are all instances of universal consciousness and our obligation is to love ourselves, each other and the universe.

Our choice is which law we will adhere to? Universal or Satanic Law that is the law of selfishness and the dead.

PU771N’ 4 S7OPP£R 1N 73H 8077LE OF D347H & THE OCCULT (video 1 hour 5 minutes 29 seconds)
trina interviews gary of the house fraughen, author of the book “Putting a Stopper in the bottle of death & the occult”
gary’s book is real eye-opener to the deceptions that surround us in our every-day lives, from language, etymology and spells, the secret languages and societies, flags and cards, cartoons and Mickey Mouse. This is a must read for all who are waking-up or woke.
You can buy gary’s book and contact gary here:

Why They Hate Natural Law By Bionic Mosquito
It is clear that many people do not understand natural law.  I suspect this is by design, an intentional effort via public education, mass media, and government policy developed to supply a compliant and malleable population, one that is left with a superficial understanding of liberty – the same liberty held by the lion in the zoo.

Public and private education has been used to seduce the human population into ignorance and selfishness.

Making Sense of Existence Tom Butler
Learning is about making sense of ourselves and our world, which has always been intimately
reflective of the nature of our world and universal laws (physics etc). This idea of “making sense”
or becoming aware or consciousness is a phenomenon that has emerged along with evolution and
accelerated with homo sapiens which has distinctive capacities, in particular the capacity for
imagination. Imagination has given humans the opportunity to find enlightenment while also
presenting the opposite danger of destroying ourselves.

Lawful rebellion means co-creating an alternative narrative to reveal who rules, how and why? Because our attitudes and behaviour are driven by perceptions and those perceptions have been manipulated since birth over centuries, more so now than ever before. Once perceptions align with reality, the world and our lives will change for the better.

Glimpses of reality are everywhere but those exposing such glimpses are marginalised and criminalised.

Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts (video 1 hour 13 minutes 52 seconds)
In this joint interview, Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report and Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout/TLAV take turns asking each other questions about their recent work and discuss different solutions and ways to prepare for what is likely to be a bumpy year ahead.

The structure of the global political economy is what drives this reality and the structure was created by and runs on money.

Perceptions and structure are the keys to freedom. When perceptions match reality, new structures that operate according to Universal Law will offer a golden elevator to freedom for those enslaved by the current money system.

Lawful rebellion means turning our backs on the criminal system wherever possible and challenging the bag carriers propping up the dying structure wherever and whenever we can.