Lawful Rebellion and Nausea

On Monday of this week, I had the opportunity to explain to Richie Allen why and how I’m challenging local authority bag carriers for their collusion in tyranny and genocide.

The Richie Allen Show Monday July 5th 2021 (podcast from about 22 minutes to 57 minutes)
During the second hour of the show John O’Luanaigh, a funeral director, explains why he believes that the covid-19 death figures have been inflated and that the death numbers for 2020, were no worse than previous years. He also believes that there was a spike in deaths in February of this year, when the vaccine roll-out expanded.

A while back, I posted a clip from the film, Cloud Atlas, of Jim Broadbent declaring “I will not be subjected to criminal abuse“. Clearly, he doesn’t mind the British public being subjected to criminal abuse.

Monday’s UK Column’s broadcast included the harrowing tale of a 12 year old girl in the US who has suffered horrendous harm from one of the so-called “vaccines” and is now paralysed and incontinent. They also showed the latest piece of nauseous propaganda from the NHS involving “celebs” urging their audience to “just get a vaccination”. Obviously, these are actors and are good at what they do best… fool the audience into belief.

Many have been maimed and killed by so called “vaccines” and this is only the beginning.

The whole promo video is available on the UK Column link above, if you really want to subject yourself to an acute bout of nausea, but here’s Jim Broadbent, another pied piper for genocide.

Just get a “vaccination”