Is Mandatory Vaccination Unstoppable?

The UK government is “consulting” on the introduction of mandatory vaccination against COVID-19.

The consultation is here and the deadline for responses is tomorrow, 18th September 2020:

My response is here:

Feel free to plagiarise!

This consultation is a cosmetic exercise that may serve multiple purposes:

  1. To create a list of the awkward squad to be “neutralised” in order to complete their mass vaccination program.
  2. To “test the water”, i.e. to gauge the scale of resistance to mass vaccination or conversely to understand, from the positive responses, the level of fear of “coronavirus” in order to satisfy the sheep in their desperation to be “safe” by turning mandatory vaccination into law.
  3. To use (manipulate) the data from the “consultation” to claim unanimous support for mandatory vaccination.

We are now at the pivotal point in the transition to the new world order – either theirs (world domination) or ours (decentralised power). Once mass vaccination becomes law, we’re potentially f*cked.

Consequently, those who care about such things need to stand up to be counted, irrespective that one has to supply name and email address. To give a bogus name and email would simply render the response invalid and so, if I’m on yet another list of the would be awkward squad… so be it 🙂

The likelihood of influencing at least the timing of the introduction of mandatory vaccines is high at the current time because “their cake is not fully baked”, i.e. few of the elements and systems are operating as claimed/promised. For example, people queuing for COVID testing are being turned away due to a shortage of testing kits.

We may not stop the momentum to their new world order but we can slow it down enough for
decentralised systems to evolve, by when it will be “game over” in our favour.

Most people are ignorant of the effects of vaccines but for the uninitiated, this explanation by James Corbett, referencing this article is potentially mind changing. He explains the correlation (from this aforementioned well referenced article) between high COVID fatality rates and the flu vaccines administered, particularly to the elderly who are targeted for vaccination.

Is There A Flu Shot / COVID Link? – Questions For Corbett #068
Today on Questions For Corbett, Corbett Report member Scott asks about a potential flu vaccine / COVID link. James demonstrates how even the mainstream science shows that such a correlation does exist, although it isn’t being trumpeted in the Big Pharma-funded corporate media.

The are similar parallels in respect of the correlation between vaccinations and polio, covered in Chapter 2 of Virus Mania.

Another invaluable piece of information came in recently:

This is a unique and precious document. It is both:
– A guide to the silent and hidden war that has been launched on humanity, and
– A survival handbook.
I urge you to read this document in its entirety. It may save your life and the lives of
your loved ones.
To my knowledge, it is the only official report written on the Covid scamdemic and it
makes horrifying reading. It was written by a group of French Army Reserve Officers
and their conclusions are unequivocal.

No, mandatory vaccination is not unstoppable but it does require us to stand up and speak out against criminal authority and their protection racket. By sharing information on the adverse effects of vaccinations, we may yet turn the tide of fear. But it is up to each and everyone of us who know, to stand up in the face of tyranny.

Save Yourself: Stop Believing in Lockdown by Stacey Rudin
Storied minds have argued that a failure to critically examine our beliefs makes us culpable for adverse outcomes. Beliefs lead to actions, which impact other people. 
As Voltaire wrote during the Enlightenment — when society still had time away from the screen to reflect on philosophy, morality, and fundamental truth — “those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
This has never been more true than in the age of social media, when information and opinions constantly bombard us from all sides, isolating us from our own thoughts and values. We have a moral duty to critically examine our beliefs — especially our belief in “lockdown,” the most oppressive and universally destructive public policy implemented in our lifetimes.