Is LinkedIn a Dodo?



do·​do | \ ˈdō-(ˌ)dō  \plural dodoes or dodos

Definition of dodo

1a: an extinct heavy flightless bird (Raphus cucullatus synonym Didus ineptus of the family Raphidae) of the island of Mauritius that was larger than a turkey and was related to the pigeon
b: an extinct flightless bird (Raphus solitarius) of the island of Réunion similar to and closely related to the dodo
2a: one hopelessly behind the times
b: a stupid person

Recent posts on LinkedIn, relating to Freedom Of Information requests failing to reveal any proof of the existence and transmissibility of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the extraordinary proportion of spontaneous abortions among women “vaccinated” in the first and second trimesters, put me on their “naughty step”, i.e. my account was suspended.

Here follows the email correspondence with a member of their support team (the thread starts from the bottom):

Hi Savio

The world is changing rapidly and to navigate those changes successfully, as individuals and as a species, requires us to understand the world and how we arrived at the current state.

To do so requires us to constantly question what we think we know, to re-evaluate our understanding in the light of all information that emerges. In this respect, I’ve endeavoured to only share what is real and authentic; I accept that I’m not infallible which is why I’ve asked you to specify where I’ve failed in this regard.

However, you are unable/unwilling to specify how I’ve contravened your guidelines that seem to enforce the omnipotence of centralised authority which I would argue is promoting narratives that are far from “real and authentic”.

The co-creative learning projects I’m involved in adhere to widely accepted principles of critical thinking, one of which is: “Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.” The other principles similarly run counter to LinkedIn’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies.

LinkedIn and those working within it would be well-advised to adapt their user agreement, behaviour and attitudes accordingly, if they are to survive the current transition. A growing number of people are awakening to the lies and deceptions of criminal “authority” and their anger is growing. Bag carriers for plunder, tyranny and genocide risk being held accountable. Following orders is no defence.

In view of your ultimatum, that I compromise my integrity in order to remain part of the LinkedIn community, I have no choice other than to leave.

It is clear that a growing number of LinkedIn members will, in time, make a similar choice and LinkedIn will go the way of many organisations that failed to adapt to change. Think of Kodak which dominated photography but stubbornly refused to recognise the potential ubiquity of digital photography. There are numerous examples of such dogged intransigence in the corporate graveyard.

We have developed our co-created analysis over 10 years and all that this analysis revealed is now coming to pass:

I wish you well from a personal perspective because within the confines of your position, you have acted promptly and respectfully. I offer you this advice. However comfortable you may feel in your current role, if you do not adapt to the changes underway, life will become intolerable unless you are willing to sacrifice your soul to the prevailing Satanic system; the consequences of doing so will only become clear when it is too late.



On 26/11/2021 01:37, LinkedIn Customer Support wrote:
Hi Clive,  

Thanks for your response and I certainly understand from your point of view.  

We’re committed to keeping LinkedIn safe and professional, so you can focus on finding jobs, making connections and learning new skills.  

Per our policy, we require you to share information that is real and authentic.

  • Do not share content in a way that you know is, or think may be, misleading or inaccurate, including misinformation or disinformation.
  • Do not share content to interfere with or improperly influence an election or another civic process. We may prevent you from posting content from sites that are known to produce or contain misinformation.
  • Do not share content that directly contradicts guidance from leading global health organizations and public health authorities.
  • Do not post content that denies a well-documented historical event such as the Holocaust or slavery.
  • Do not share false content or information, including news stories, that present untrue facts or events as though they are true or likely true.
  • Do not post “deepfake” images or videos of others or otherwise post content that has been manipulated to deceive.

I’m sorry we wouldn’t be able to interpret our User Agreement and professional community guidelines any further.  

The above points clearly indicates the violation associated with your account and we’ve also provided you with the contents that were in violation in our very first communication.

We’ve restricted your account pending your response that you’ll adhere to the LinkedIn User Agreement and Professional Community Policies going forward.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  



LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant Response

Member (11/24/2021 11:52 CST)

You state that I’ve shared content that contains misleading or
inaccurate information.

  1. I cannot verify the accuracy of 1 because you don’t give details
    of the video and obviously I can’t currently access my account to check. However, I surmise that it was the video publicising VAERS data (from official sources in the US). How is this
    misrepresentation or inaccurate? Please provide evidence of specific misrepresentation or inaccuracy. If this item refers to a different video, please provide details of the video and specific inaccuracies.
  2. This statement is accurate from the source quoted. If the
    statement is not accurate, please provide the evidence of the
    isolation of the virus which would withstand scrutiny in a court of law because, thus far, such evidence has not been forthcoming anywhere in the world. Those studies which claim to have satisfied the conditions for isolation and identification of the SARS-Cov-2 virus do not withstand scrutiny by independent experts.
  3. This statement is accurate. The study body clearly shows the data that verifies of what article states. That the abstract to the study attempts to obfuscate the reality is not relevant. The data clearly shows the truth.

Subject to receipt proof of your allegation. I don’t accept that I
have done what you claim.

On the contrary, by suppressing such information, LinkedIn is guilty
of the crimes of which I am accused. Please reinstate my account



Response (11/24/2021 02:05 CST)

Hi Clive,

Your account was restricted due to multiple violations of LinkedIn’s
User Agreement and Professional Community Policies against sharing
content that contains misleading or inaccurate information:

1) Video – Posted Sun, 21 Nov 2021 10:49:24 GMT
2) “So in May 2020 I began submitting FOI requests for any record held
by the respective institution that describes the isolation/purification of the alleged “COVID-19 virus” from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient, by anyone, anywhere on the planet…
Every institution without exception has failed to provide or cite even
1 record describing purification of the alleged virus from even 1
patient sample.” Posted Wed, 13 Oct 2021 12:40:36 GMT
3) Original Article Url :
Posted Sat, 03 Jul 2021 11:44:58 GMT

Any additional violation of our terms can result in the permanent
restriction of your account. We have these policies in place to help
keep LinkedIn a safe, trusted and professional network for everyone.

You may appeal the restriction by responding to this email with your
agreement and intent to comply with our User Agreement and our
Professional Community Policies.

• User Agreement:

• Professional Community Policies:

If you have any questions regarding your appeal you can reply to this
email. Thank you for being part of the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant