Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?

There is little say by way of introduction to this article by critical thinker Abdun Nur, other than it reinforces much of what I’ve come to understand through Critical Thinking’s work and beyond.

Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass? by Abdun Nur

The glaring problem with gravity, as it’s presently claimed, an attraction of mass, is, if it were indeed an attraction of mass, then it would pull in all directions, however gravity only attracts to the center of the planet, if it were an attraction of mass, then when I stood at the side of a huge mountain, I should be pulls sideways slightly. So the glaring question is, the reason ‘WHY’ this attraction of mass would aline itself as a centralized attracting force within a large planetary body and not pull in all directions?

So if gravity is not an attraction of mass what is it?

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