“Is COVID A Conspiracy?”

Some knew, even as the psychological operation (codename COVID-19) began to unfold, that Covid is a long planned conspiracy. Indeed, Critical Thinking’s final analysis published in October 2019 anticipated the human cull mentioning mass vaccination as the possible means.

Mainstream opinion doggedly refused to budge through 2020 and 2021 although cracks in the fabricated narrative appeared at an accelerating rate. As 2022 started, the distraction of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, diverted attention from what was becoming increasingly obvious to those who had been paying attention.

Genocide through mass vaccination was accelerating.

A growing number of people no longer trust the establishment’s narrative on covid and the edifice of lies is crumbling fast.

The latest edition of The Light newspaper focuses on multiple facets of the Covid conspiracy.

The Light, Issue 27 – November 2022