In Advance of an Invisible Universe

Exploration of human consciousness is the trimtab that allows us to travel in the Invisible Universe that is the space between perception and reality.

Our work on the structure that created the foundations of the human farm that continues to worsen our condition at an exponential rate, has led us into exploration of “perceptions” because perceptions shape reality.

Most people’s perceptions bear little relationship to reality and these popular perceptions are used to hobble us like horses ever tighter.

“This first post is actually documenting our 5th screen printing effort on Tuesday 1st June 2021 to produce a logo for Invisible Universe while discussing ideas around what we’re doing. We will post the earlier work shortly.”

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Our work and circles of trust bring us into contact with fascinating people. Invariably, these magically appear at the optimal time. Eddie has worked with Gary Woodley for years, having studied at the Slade school of art where Gary taught.

This week, Alex and I had the opportunity to meet Gary at his workshop with Eddie. It is an Aladdin’s Cave of equipment (much of it designed and made by Gary) and ideas.

Our work on perception and what shapes it is taking us into visual perception, ideas that drive the work of both Eddie and Gary. Eddie’s video of a conversation in 2016 takes us on a journey of discovery of Gary’s precision in exploring the possibilities for spaces using both simple and complex geometry.

A CONVERSATION WITH GARY WOODLEY (video 52 minutes 1 second)

Also on Odysee

An example of Gary’s work was at Folkstone in 2017.

FOLKESTONE TRIENNIAL 2017, DOUBLE EDGE: GARY WOODLEY (video 2 minutes 17 seconds)

Also on Odysee

We’ve just launched the Invisible Universe website, having already produced 5 pieces of work. We’ll be playing catch-up while we post the earlier work.

Meanwhile, we continue to explore human value systems and perceptions to better understand how human consciousness can shift to match reality.