Husband Your Resources and Energy

Eddie sent me two clips from a recent 8 hour Grand Theft World discussion involving Richard Grove and Tony Myers.

“anti authoritarian people made to measure” edit from Grand Theft World podcast 075 (video 16 minutes and 57 seconds)

John Loftus, Dulles Brothers, Montagu Norman ……….edit from Grand Theft World – 17.04.2022 (video 36 minutes and 50 seconds)

To which I responded:

Both are fascinating insights into what Critical Thinking’s analysis reveals. The depth and detail of verifiable evidence is a rich goldmine for those who need to understand the complexities of the web of deception that has evolved over the last century of so, resulting in the New World Order, the Great Reset and all the other machinations to which we are being subjected. Richard Grove’s tragedy and hope website is a treasure trove of forensic and fascinating detail

When it comes to the discussion of the Nazis, I feel the discussion falls into some traps. Nuremberg was a Soviet style show trial with no evidence to support the charges of industrialised killing other than confessions obtained under torture and “victim” testimonies that were presumably rewarded at the time and have been ever since. The holocaust is a protection racket.

Rather than Nazis or Communists (or any other ideological labels) we should accurately refer to the tools used by those wielding the levers of power.

Richard and Tony correctly identify the Bank of International Settlements as the choreographer of events, manipulating both Nazis and Communists while maintaining the conflict between them. John Loftus is questionable as a reliable “whistleblower” although he discloses many parts of the puzzle that aid our understanding.

Similarly, there are some issues with the Al Saud story; there are reasons to deduce that Al Saud has Jewish roots and the supposed enmity between Saudis and the Jews is more deceptive theatre.

I guess I’m increasingly of the view that delving deeper into this history is a task for others if they feel the need.

Personally, my inclination is to focus on the spiritual journey, co-creating sustainable systems locally and beyond of distributed circles of trust for development.

The primary obstacle to people’s ability to disconnect from the system is money.

People are motivated by the preservation of the amount they have and/or are occupied by the challenge of obtaining a sufficient amount of it to fulfill their needs/wants.

There are broadly two strands to overcoming this obstacle:

Husband one's resources to need as little money as possible by denying the system access to your money to sustain its abuse and destruction - stop paying Council Tax, Fines, bank loans etc. This is doable and lawful;
Create alternative means of living that don't rely on the current simple exchange money methodology.

These are my current focus and specifically creating the opportunity to sandbox and co-create data driven money along the lines of the complex money methodology we’ve described at length.

I very much appreciate these two video clips, don’t think I could have sustained the 8 hour marathon; they’re a timely reminder of the availability of reliable sources to reinforce and expand our understanding.

It has also given me the opportunity to articulate, as much for my own benefit as others, why I’ve very little inclination to spend much time verifying what I already understand even though I don’t have the granular detail at my fingertips. I know where to look should I feel the need.

I decided to cease working on Critical Thinking’s research and analysis in the autumn 2019 because we were into the law of diminishing returns. Over the previous 8 years we’d honed our analysis and reached a point where logic applied to the physical wasn’t going to take us much further in terms our understanding of the mechanics and the causes of so many problems in the world.

The understanding of and solutions to the challenges we face require intuition and spiritual guidance which is what I explained in terms of my personal journey.

I have operated for most of my life in the physical realm using masculine, deductive logic. Since beginning to learn to read the Tarot, I know that I need to place a lot more emphasis on both the feminine (intuitive) and the spiritual. It is not only the balance of my understanding that needs work. Universal consciousness is paramount and drives everything in the physical world, thus arguably the spiritual realm takes precedence, as does the feminine.

In response to a recent article by Iain Davies, I tweeted the following:

Not only should we not fall for it. We should not feed it with our energy, even in opposition but turn our backs on it to create alternatives. Then it will evaporate because it will have no traction with which to exert its power it's already happening :-)

Iain seems to agree 🙂

The structure, founded on simple exchange money, harvests our time, energy and resources, even through our opposition to its consequences.

Without us the structure will wither and die.

Co-creating distributed, self-organising systems to sustain ourselves and each other, will liberate us from the structure and we will thrive.