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Email exchanges amongst the “family” under the subject Re: Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated – National Times Australia resulted in much speculation about the risk of “shedding” and whether or how illness affects those in close proximity to those afflicted.

With so many layers of distraction and deception, even the most committed researchers can find the plethora of explanations and contradictory evidence confusing. Mark appealed for some clarity and I attempted to explain in the following email building on his reference to What Really Makes You Ill? by Dawn Lester and David Parker discussed in the first video link below.

Hi Mark

This interview covers a lot of the essential elements:

Accepting that biowarfare is a reality, there is no hard evidence of gain of function succeeding with a physically transmissible pathogen and Abdun’s comment on electromagnetism is the more likely interpretation, i.e. while there is no chemical or biological transmission, we may be susceptible to magnetic interference from those injected with graphene oxide and other ferrous metals – “spike proteins” and all that jargon are probably, at their root, fear porn derived from faux science.

The explosion in the use of LED lights, compulsion by stealth, may also be a factor.

But without wishing to sound too cocky or gooky, mind over matter is probably the most powerful mechanism to keep us healthy. In other words through the understanding we derive from accumulated knowledge/evidence, we can use positive energy to drive out the bad. The biology of belief, aided by avoiding toxins as much as possible while looking to herbal/natural remedies and foods to boost our nutrition.

And this is the crux of people’s ability to remain healthy. We have been subjected to the 60 year old Alice in Wonderland technique, developed by the CIA drawing on Bateson’s double bind theory of schizophrenia. Schizoids hear continuous voices that are not dissimilar to the constant messaging throughout public transport and public spaces not to mention from TV and the web. This video comes from just before the pandemic became a “thing”.

I’ve taken many steps on this journey involving picking up ideas/comprehension/”life tips” from cosmology and esoteric knowledge and techniques.

So, in addition to trying eat and live “healthily” (with some weaknesses and many lapses) my mind is suffused with many aspects of these that manifest themselves in all my day to day activity.

I don’t claim that any one of them “works” but they help to focus positive, universal energy. How can I claim this? Because I feel it and experience it in my every day (and night). They cannot be “proven” because they rely on our intuitive capacity that is grossly under utilised and [NOT] recognised in today’s world.

Without going into depth because each requires explanation of some length, here are some of the thoughts and items that are with me everyday.

The Tarot – imagery, symbology, numerology, astrology, energy flows…

From Linda Goodmans Star Signs – giving money away wherever possible, wearing a stone that matches my birth [day] stone. I also have a stone given to me by a lady from a bag that she got people on a freedom march last year to dip into. I carry in my pocket along with spare change.

The importance of “9” (Nikola Tesla) and then 3 and 6…

I wear a copper bracelet (for arthritis) which contains 9 spherical magnets (the magic of 9 combined with magnetism for general health and perhaps defence from “shedding”).

I can’t list everything because so much of it has now become reflexive.
Last night, when walking to pick up a parcel (liposomal vitamin C for Maggie) from the Post Office, I was thinking about extending our thinking about family – posted yesterday.

And I began to look at people (with masks and all the other “indulgences” from the NHS Gulag) as my family. The emotion that resulted was benign acceptance of their condition and an urge to help them “recover”. I didn’t and probably won’t do anything directly about it except where appropriate and proportionate to circumstances and capacity (mine).

However, coming back to health, these positive thoughts are all part of healthy living.

Think about how much, doing this work, we are driven to hate people.

Our anger is more properly focused on the structure rather than the victims (even if they don’t know, i.e. the bag carriers) and events in which they are enmeshed.



Finally, in searching through the archive of images for something suitable for this post, I came across the following which isn’t directly relevant but is indicative of how nonsensical the rationale for vaccines has become:

Update 5 September 2021

The faux science of virology:

The Final Refutal Of Virology. Please Share. (video 22 minutes 25 seconds)
“I ask you to share this video everywhere you can. This is the only way we can help this information to spread far enough to be able to create a scientific and medical revolution.”

Update 8 September 2021

Pennie forwarded this. An Israeli researcher who “gets it” and takes the trouble to debunk a lot of the disinformation. Clarity within a field littered with layers of half-truths and lies, human health.

Dr Shimon Yanowitz sets the record straight about F!VEGEE and the discovery of the vaccine contents (video 1 hour 23 seconds)