Holocaust – Research or Denial?

In a growing number of countries, one can be imprisoned for questioning the alleged holocaust of 6 million Jews under the direction of Adolf Hitler during world war two, often referred to as the “good war“. To be characterised as a “holocaust denier” or, as a result, an anti-Semite, strikes to the heart of the trained human psyche. What other question is an imprisonable offence?

Critical Thinking’s BitChute channel features David Cole’s fearless documentary which exposes the Auschwitz “death camp” fraud. However, David Cole is not a “holocaust denier”. One may argue that he’s been under extreme pressure since the documentary’s release in 1992 and his subsequent outing after masquerading as the “Republican Party Animal” but his articles on the holocaust and claims of a Jewish genocide on the Eastern front, cannot be ignored.

My Unintentionally Negative Impact on Holocaust Revisionism by David Cole Stein

The original article was removed and the above is currently available on the WayBackMachine. Prudence in this age of censorship demands that this be preserved and the article is reproduced here although some of the links may no longer work.

David describes the Auschwitz, Majdanek and Dachau “death camps” as “phonies” but goes on to explain why denying the holocaust does a great disservice to historical revisionism, citing David Irving and Mark Weber as independent corroborators of a likely genocide on the Eastern Front. He provides extracts from documentation and numbers to validate his assertions. Declaration: neither I nor Critical Thinking have explored this.

However, there are some observations which do emerge from our research.

When it comes to numbers, David refers to the Red Cross numbers and suggests they only apply to the Western Front, ignoring the Eastern Front altogether. However, the other numbers referred to in the graphic above are problematical and need further unpacking/investigation.

Furthermore, the Eastern front was, by all accounts, very brutal and there were horrendous atrocities committed by the advancing Ashkenazi led hordes who were encouraged to rape, pillage and murder their way westwards; Hellstorm and corroborating accounts/reports, show that refugees died in huge numbers when fleeing the oncoming killing machine.

The Nuremberg trials were analogous to the kangeroo courts of Stalinist Russia – confessions obtained under torture and witness statements motivated by greed and weakness. This is not to say atrocities weren’t committed by Germans against Jews but we need a much better understanding before rushing to judgement.

There is physical and documentary evidence that implicates Churchill, Eisenhower and others in the implemented plan to conduct genocide of ethnic Germans and ample circumstantial evidence which identifies the source of those plans. The same source as instigated both world wars, the Bolshevik revolution and what has unfolded in the wars of last two decades (and much else besides).

However, there are many layers to peel back and there may be evidence which supports Davids Cole and Irving’s claims but in the absence of in-depth research, from many perspectives, our perceptions are likely flawed. Even if the claims of Jewish genocide on the Eastern Front withstand scrutiny, we must remember that sacrifice of Jews has been an essential element of the Ashkenazi led Zionist project to drive Jews to Israel – Theodor Herzl declared as much. Context and connections are essential, if we are too fully understand the holocaust.

Daily Pickings referred, on occasions, to The Edge of Darkness and how truth and lies are layered into a complex web of deceit to ensure that most remain in a state of malleable ignorance. Undoubtedly, there were many atrocities committed on both sides, although mounting evidence reveals the Germans were probably the most disadvantaged and decimated by both world wars. Many Poles, Russians and those of other nations were victims of war.

However, degeneration into a pissing contest over who suffered most gets us nowhere. We need to build our understanding of the world on the real foundations which have been laid through history; we have to unearth truth where it is available, if we are to escape the tyranny, supported, in large part, by holocaust myths.