Gulag NHS

Outrageous! How can one possibly equate our “beloved” NHS with the gulag in the former Soviet Union?

As we’ve often explained, the global system of control is multi-layered and multi-faceted; to understand how it works and its effects requires examination from many different perspectives.

We describe the means to control human attitudes and behaviour in our paper on science and academia, Gulag Academia, which provides the context for manifestations of control in all its guises, including “healthcare”.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote of the Gulag Archipelago in the former Soviet Union; gulag is the Russian acronym for Chief Administration of Corrective Labour Camps. Today’s academic gulag may be more humane and pleasant but it is no less a “corrective labour” system than the Russian gulag; it is more effective because the “inmates” of gulag academia are ignorant of their true condition and revel in their academic status granted by the political economy

Gulag Academia
Academia’s institutional hierarchy perpetuates ignorance of the current political economy which functions as a mechanism to farm humans and harvest the wealth they create.

Global “Healthcare”

The sickness and disability industry (a.k.a. healthcare) is very much a product of academia because Gulag NHS apparatchiks and “guards” (administrators, doctors, nurses, researchers and medical professionals), for example, need extensive “academic” (corrective) training to ensure that they are dependent on, and supportive of, the “authorised” narratives viz à viz germs, viruses and all the other alleged “threats” to our well-being.

These narratives don’t describe the real world but are abstractions: narrow perspectives on the workings of highly sophisticated, complex and self-healing systems… our bodies and our immune systems.

In Gulag Academia, we explain the role of the Rockefeller family in the creation of the system of corrective academic “camps” (universities) for prospective leaders and specialists to oversee the wider “gulag” which is the system of global control of the human, domesticated “cattle”, us.

These leaders and professionals include the medical profession: administrators, advisers, doctors, surgeons, researchers, other professionals and latterly, nurses who, in the UK, now need a university degree. In the mid-1950s, although trained, nurses relied heavily on common sense and initiative.

Most of these trained “trustees” (in the old sense of convicts elevated to a position of “authority” who are rewarded with privileges) have no inkling that they are serving as overseers and prison guards in a system of penal slavery.

In passing, it is worth noting that John D Rockefeller’s father was, among many other things, a snake-oil salesman. Today’s con is no different to back then although probably far more lethal today and camouflaged as “science”.

Gulag Academia explains, with examples, the corruption and misrepresentation of science.

At this point, it is worth reminding ourselves of what drives the Rockefellers and their “trainees” (doctors, researchers etc.). Money. Who issues and controls money? The banking system controlled by the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers are another “front” for money, i.e. the Rothschild family.

But as we’ve often explained and emphasised more recently, this is not about the people. All of us are complicit and play our part in the machinery of death and destruction. Those near the top of the pyramid of power and wealth have been “better at the game of life” over successive generations, granting them extraordinary power and wealth. They, like all of us, are playing the cards they were dealt at birth, working to achieve success within a political economy that rewards psychopathy. Why wouldn’t they behave the way they do?

It is reassuring or comforting to know that in spite of the incentives to harm fellow humans, many born to positions of privilege don’t wilfully do so, although in ignorance we all do, merely by using an abusive and destructive money system.

If the rewards and incentives change, so will behaviour.

A False Friend

In the opening paragraph, I referred to the “beloved” NHS. It is heresy to suggest that there is anything inherently bad about the NHS. Its power to invoke sympathy is evidenced by the gushing plaudits for the NHS and its employees during this past year of tyranny and mass torture. In Gulag NHS, contrary evidence and real science must be suppressed and alienated. Anyone or anything that attempts to undermine the “holy” NHS and its fear-mongering, is to be “burned at the stake” for heresy.

Please do not take this as an indictment of anyone working in the sickness and disability industry. Most are ignorant of the context of what they are doing and are consequently sincerely committed to administering poisons to their patients in the belief that it will make them better. A few are knowingly complicit because they’ve sold their souls for “30 pieces of silver”.

As with banking, academia and every other lever of power, this is not a critique of people but structure, specifically the universal structure of control by money. Thus while many within the NHS may feel they are our friend, the structure, most definitely, is not.

The NHS structure reminds me of the scenes from Cloud Atlas of a young man, aboard a ship, entrusted with his family’s wealth to invest overseas for gain. The family physician and friend accompanies the young man on his voyage and proceeds to slowly poison him while pretending to be lovingly caring for his charge, thereby gaining access to the treasure of his victim. This is the NHS structure; it is poisoning its patients, over time, extracting all the wealth it can via its hapless victims.

I am acutely aware that many have been helped by the NHS and this is not a binary proposition. Someone dear to me wouldn’t be alive today without NHS intervention. However, to adhere to such examples, while ignoring the untold damage inflicted on successive generations by the NHS since its establishment in 1948, is to be blind to the much wider picture and our means of escape into a world of good health.

People are Not the Problem

As I explained recently,

It is vital, especially for those who work in the institutional hierarchies of money, to realise that there are two fundamental components of institutional hierarchies:

  • humans
  • structure

It is the structure that initiated and facilitated the current state of affairs. Humans are the cogs and fuel that drive the machine, the global political economy.

Those working in the “healthcare” industry could transform their work to benefit patients, if the perverse incentives were eliminated.

We refer to institutional hierarchy as being an impediment to academic freedom in Gulag Academia. Similarly, it is an impediment to good health. One of Frederic Laloux‘s case studies, Buurtzorg, has revolutionised community care provision in the Netherlands by dismantling hierarchy and using self-organisation.

Myths and Medicine

To recognise the NHS for what it is, a corrective labour camp, we need to understand its myths and the misunderstanding/misrepresentation of the causes of disease. There is seldom a single cause of disease.

Let that sink in.

All disease stems from multiple factors and are manifestations of our bodies’ self-healing, immune systems responding to some sort of toxic threat.

In short, conventional theory is an inversion of reality and pharmaceuticals attack the immune systems’ responses in the mistaken belief that these are manifestations of disease that are “caught” through contagion or infection .

Before the invention of allopathy, the application of “artificial” rather than natural remedies, i.e. modern medicine, it was said that people “slipped” into sickness implying that it was specific circumstances related to the individual. That and natural medicine are far more difficult to monetise than saying, “there’s a single cause of “disease” and if you “catch it”, we’ve got the pill/tonic/snake-oil to cure it”…kerching! go the cash registers.

This videod conversation, involving two Critical Thinkers, Gee and Aaron, explores this inversion. It is long and some of the audio is irritatingly garbled but the information and explanations dispensed by Dawn Lester and northerntracey provide essential insights into what affects our immunity and our ability to avoid or shake off sickness.

Truth & Libraries, roundtable 2, 17/3/21, Medical Myths

Gee refers to the book Dawn co-authored: What really makes you ill? by Dawn Lester and David Parker

Viruses, Germs and Disease

Two essential references:

Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Kohnlein
Avian Flu (HSN1), Cervical Cancer (HPV), SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AI OS, Polio
How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense



For the benefit of those who may not be familiar with our research and to contextualise the fear and hysteria around the current mythical COVID pandemic, we are in the fourth phase of world war three (WWIII). Like the opening phase, the “war of terror” triggered by the false flag attacks on 11th September 2001, the current phase relies on fear, specifically fear of death.

The pandemic narrative has been in gestation for over a century. Similarly, the dislocation of people from spiritual comfort in the form of religion has run in parallel. In today’s world, it is unfashionable (intellectually) to declare belief in a higher power. Consequently, death is regarded by many as final and thus terrifying.

The abstraction of science and academia has blinded many to reality: universal consciousness reigns supreme, irrespective of belief. A quotation I often refer to is this one:

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” ― Werner Heisenberg

I was thinking of different ways of expressing this idea the other day and multi-level gaming seems an appropriate analogy. Prince of Persia and similar games have levels and if you succeed at the first level, you progress to the second and so on. Most people make at least a few failed attempts at each level in order to make progress. Failure means “death”. But it doesn’t stop you trying again until one succeeds.

That is life. We get as many “goes” as we choose and the idea is to progress through the levels to achieve unity with universal consciousness. In simple terms, Hell is having to go back to try again. Of course this is a simplification but the analogy holds true.

Thus death is nothing to fear.

Co-Creative Healthcare

We’ve already mentioned self-organising healthcare (See Buurtzorg above). We can all benefit from co-creating our understanding of health and the causes of sickness. We can co-create far more responsive and effective means of treatment using the proven methodology of co-creative learning and development.

Reset the Reset

Knowing that money drives everything, including the harm inflicted by allopathy (conventional but unnatural medicine), we need to address the root cause of the NHS’s dysfuntion. Money!

We now have the means to do so: to create self-organising systems of reward to ensure people have unfettered access to satisfy their Needs and will to Create.

The Great Reset is being rolled out and the vehicle of choice is “health” (another inversion – it means ill-health). Thus Gulag NHS and all the other national and supranational institutions governing health are conduits of power incentivised to administer poisons to the global population.

We can Reset the Reset to remove the current perverse incentives to poison people while fostering an environment that is healthy for everyone.