Gulag Academia

A study of the effect of hierarchy on academic freedom and our consequent perceptions of reality has been uploaded to and is available as a PDF here.


Purpose: Exposing the deficiencies of institutional hierarchies in academia which limit the potential for human creativity and understanding.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper is the product of non-hierarchical, self-organised learning following the methodology of CoCreative Learning (see Section 9).

Findings: Academia’s institutional hierarchy perpetuates ignorance of the current political economy which functions as a mechanism to farm humans and harvest the wealth they create.

Research limitations/implications: If we are to understand the global political economy and our role within it, we need to explore events, issues and the world from multiple perspectives. Therefore, it is imperative that we step aside from institutional hierarchies and their authorised narratives

Practical implications: Understanding that we are farmed as domesticated cattle will effect transformation of the political economy. Because we are its power, we can refuse to be farmed and abused by institutional hierarchy.

Social implications: Accepting our power will return us to our natural state as sovereign beings co- dependent on each other and our ecology for our freedom and prosperity. Self-organising social structures will transform our reality.

Originality/value: This paper is an unfunded and impartial challenge to orthodox thinking.

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Gulag Academia