Global System Reset

This is the beginning of the end. The end of the current paradigm as we know it. Whichever way life unfolds from here, it will be radically different to what we’ve experienced hitherto.

Being prepared psychologically for what is unfolding is essential and that means having an understanding of the global political economy and the trajectory towards a new world order.

In October last year, Critical Thinking laid out the final iteration of its analysis which explains how we got to this point and the intended goal – the total subjugation of humanity. But this is not inevitable, merely the intention. Unintended consequences present opportunities for us to create our own new world order; one which creates freedom and prosperity for all.

First, the current situation:

The UK and the US are following what has already happened in China and across Europe: we are going into lockdown with military and security services deployed to control the human “herd”. As Mark Windows explained in last Sunday’s Windows on the World broadcast, Coronavirus, Climate Change and Agenda 2030 are aligning to harness humanity in perpetual servitude. He references documents from the UN and associated supranational bodies which explicitly describe what is unfolding before us. Governments, including our own, aren’t in control; they are instructed and directed from above.

The Globalist Mind Virus

Corroboration comes from many of the sources referenced by Critical Thinking and this recent report from James Corbett: Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch

and yesterday’s UK Column broadcast: UK Column News – 18th March 2020

This next video from Vinny Eastwood is long; I’ve only listened to the first 40 minutes or so. What interviewee Kevin Galalea explains is plausible: Coronavirus targets specific age groups and countries because of the demographic time-bomb – ageing populations are an increasing burden on reducing numbers of people in work. He also explains how mandatory vaccination programs will ensure that there is a kill switch within every individual, to be activated whenever the decision is made to cull a certain class or group of people who’ve been vaccinated and have particular attributes. We’ve not seen analysis or data on how many of those who have died from Coronavirus had received flu-shots, for example. The interview is good in parts but marred by eugenicist overtones, ie. he appears to subscribe to the false Malthusian proposition.

Corona Virus: Covert Depopulation expert Kevin Galalea & News with Vinny Eastwood

Kevin implies a tacit assumption of over-population and embraces financial orthodoxy that demonstrates a limited perspective. He’s nailed his colours to the demographic “time bomb” and doesn’t seem to get much beyond that. He’s right that we need to take responsibility but, as I’ve often stated, we need to create a new paradigm rather than a partial retread of the old.

The killer vaccine proposition is confirmed by Bill Gates himself and in this book, The Survival of the Wisest by Jonas Salk.

Why Does the Father of Mass V@ccinations Jonas Salk Want to Kill Everyone?

Coronavirus is undoubtedly cover for the unfolding agenda and is hyped to maximise fear in an attempt to coral the human herd into passive compliance. That doesn’t mean to say that people should dismiss the threat and there are ways to limit our vulnerability through prudence, a healthy diet and natural supplements.

Coronavirus Coutermeasures w/ Dr. Frank Aieta ND | Naturopathic Tactics for Prevention & Treatment

However, most important, is to prepare ourselves psychologically. To learn and understand that we are on a spiritual journey and our personal development is paramount. This life is merely a transition on a much bigger path and death is not the worst that we can suffer.

Critical Thinking laid out some ideas on how to resist the Structural Elite’s new world order by creating our own, within families and communities while connecting and sharing with others across the world. We are the power of this system and if we don’t comply, it will die to give birth to something better.

Strategy for resistance