Get Vaccinated To…

I continue to challenge the global agenda locally, where possible, and the saga with my local GP surgery continues. I’ve received regular communications from both the practice and other arms of the NHS Gulag. I’ve even received phone calls to book me in for the “jab”.

Within the last few days, I’ve received two texts from the GP practice, the latter seeking to persuade me to “get vaccinated to protect myself and my family“. Given what we know about these experimental treatments, this seems perverse in the extreme. Why would anyone accept an untested treatment that does more harm than the mythical COVID?

Here is my response submitted via the practice website:

In the last few days, I’ve received two messages from you by text, seeking to persuade me to “get vaccinated to protect yourself, your family and your friends“.


We know for a fact, by the MHRA’s own admission, that deaths from and adverse reactions to these experimental treatments are woefully under-reported. Nevertheless there have been over a thousand deaths reported as a direct result of COVID “vaccinations” and over 800,000 adverse reactions.

Circumstantial evidence suggests these figures should be multiplied by at least 10 and probably by up to 100. One whistleblower from a large GP practice suggests as few as one in 1,000 adverse reactions gets reported.

Why are you flouting bio-ethics and the Hippocratic Oath? Where is the full disclosure relating to the treatment you’re recommending?

In other words, why do doctors lie?

We know the cause is structural but unless doctors stand up for what is right, the consequences will be dire, for everyone, including those committing these crimes.

Watch this space…