Gamestop – David versus Goliath?

The “people’s fightback against Wall Street hedge funds” created some excitement among many seeking to resist the corporate takeover of every aspect of our lives. I first learned of this via Twitter from Ciaran who sent me this from Reddit (click to enlarge).

To which I responded (click to enlarge):

The link in my second Tweet is this article.

Today, Eddie alerted me to this conversation between Whitney Webb and Ryan Christian on The Last American Vagabond – it’s a long conversation covering more than one topic but in the early part of the programme, Whitney dissects the Reddit narrative.

Whitney Webb Interview – Starbucks COVID Connection, GameStop Suspicions & WEF Cyber Pandemic Simulations
Joining me today is Whitney Webb to discuss some of her recent research into an alarming connection Starbucks has to the COVID-19 vaccine agenda, as well as some suspicions about the GameStop fiasco, as well as the WEF and its “Cyber Pandemic” simulations. 

Links are provided to the articles and videos mentioned by Whitney. 

Whitney’s revelations confirm my instinctive reaction expressed in two tweets, i.e. this is another example of multiple agendas and interests at play which are colluding to profit while satisfying the overarching agenda. As Whitney and Ryan both emphasise, one has to look at issues from many perspectives before leaping to conclusions. In this context, while they refer to the collusion between, banksters, oligarchs and the public sector, the question remains, who is driving both sides? i.e. the manipulation of retail investors using social media and the alleged Goliath of Wall Street.

Money power rules and is concentrated in very few hands. That is the overarching context and that’s why the only way to oppose it, is to create our own means of exchange and collaboration.