Furlough, Protest and Terror

Artist and critical thinker Eddie asks some pertinent questions about COVID and furlough.

The Lure of Furlough

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furlough is keeping us, to varying degrees, confused and contented for now…”

My previous article linked to Mark Windows’ show on the infiltration and subversion of campaign groups and protests by security services and corporate stooges.

Mark’s most recent Sunday show extends the theme and points out a strange conflation of the London “7/7” attacks in 2005 and recent lockdown protests.

As public opinion is increasingly supportive of the protesters while the police are seen to be more and more violent and unlawful in their actions, perhaps “an incident” will be propagated to reverse this trend. The desired effect would be to provoke sympathy for the police while alienating the protesters, facilitating the annihilation of visible dissent and non-compliance. This is on top of the criminalisation of questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

The desperation to close down dissent is such that the sacrifice of a few policemen and women would be a necessary but “small price to pay”. “Authority” doesn’t care about either police or people, just the agenda.

Terror Kills Covid

We know that COVID is cover to engineer “The Great Reset“.