Funding Our Own Enslavement and Destruction

I’ve not written about the “climate crisis” specifically for a while, although I’ve referred to it in the context of the COVID trojan.

We’ve been funding our own imprisonment and destruction over the last 13 months, through the plunder and structural violence embedded in the false COVID narrative and the eugenicist agenda driving the war on us all.

Similarly, $billions or even $trillions have been invested in the climate crisis narrative.

The publicly funded Met Office has just announced “The new supercomputer, backed by a billion pound UK government investment…” to reinforce the false climate crisis narrative. Guess who the Met Office is working with on this plunder project?… the source of trojans and viruses, Microsoft, the vehicle through which Bill Gates gained dominance of global (ill)health.

Two Climate Systems

There are two climate systems: the real one and the fiction illustrated with “models” and failed predictions. The Met Office is investing in the fictional version to boost the false narrative and to promote “The Great Reset”.

In the real world, the universe and natural cycles drive climate. There are many sources of information on why the crisis narrative has no foundation in reality. This video is a presentation I made to the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment in 2010 and we produced a paper in 2019 on Systemic Risk and Climate Change.

Abdun sent this paper in recent days:

Rescue from the Climate Saviors by Klaus Ermecke
Is the “Global Climate” really in Danger?

Not only are the climate models wrong but the land based temperature datasets used to inflate the climate crisis narrative have been manipulated over decades. This is explained in the first article on this blog in February 2010.

The only reliable source of the current average global temperature is satellite data available from 1979. At the end of March 2021, global temperature is almost exactly in line with the average of the last 30 years. Where is the runaway warming that climate models have been predicting for decades?

Control Food and Control the World

Not only does Bill Gates dominate the vaccination debate but is seeking to colonise food; Bill Gates is now the biggest owner of agricultural land in the US. Daily Pickings pointed to Bill’s involvement in the “doomsday seed vault” at Svalbard in 2016.

This video came from Lavender on Mark Windows’ Discord channel:

Indian Farmers’ Warning: If Our Resistance Fails, They Will Starve The World To Death (8 minutes 10 seconds)

Breaking the Cycle

As I often remind people, we are complicit in our own enslavement and destruction. If we want to find our way out of this mess, we have to find alternatives to what the structure currently provides and promotes. And that includes media and money.