From Dark into Light

First the Dark.

Max Igan explains where we are…

Discovering the light.

Conversations From the Heart
For there to be freedom, there can be no systems, no constructs to depend upon, or authorities to derive one’s truth from. Spiritual evolution, is outside of time, it exists now or it does not, in similitude to everything that is eternal. In freedom ‘Everyone’s path will be different.’

This is a personal oath, which is what the word implies – an attestation to individual truth. This is not a promotion, or an encouragement to create an oath for one’s self, but neither is it discouragement. Remember, subscribe to no one, for no individual or group holds eternal truth.

Don’t feed your energy to dark forces…

Peter Ebden on the Richie Allen Show – 12th January 2021 (second half of the show)Peter explains how we can resist dark forces…referring to the wisdom to be gleaned from The I AM Discourses of St Germain

Also on BitChute:

Second half of the show on Tuesday 12th January 2021

As Michael Finesilver, whose book I referred to recently, explains, cosmic forces are driving this transition. Everything I’ve learned on my journey of discovery suggests that however dark things may seem today, the light is growing.